Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

After we had completed our narrative shoot which we did first in contrast to other who did it in the opposite order, we looked back on our rough cut which we complied all the good shots that we felt we recorded on the shoot, looking back we realized that we should of looked back on the footage after recording it as we realized afterwards that there were pedestrians in the background of our shot which implies inconsistency, and isn’t conventional of a music video in terms of intention of whether it was on purpose or not. In addition, in our narrative shoot we should’ve got some more shots and knew what we wanted with those more shots, however we did not and thus potentially needing to re shoot.

Overall, we were happy with the shots that we recorded and was happy with the outcome of our narrative shoot, we had a variety of shots types including low angle, high angle, mid shot, tracking shot and more that we achieved out of this shoot.


  • When shooting always double check environment e.g not pedestrians in shot
  • Next time take more shots
  • Look back on footage once taken more consistently

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