Audience Ideologies

‘Bruises’ by Lewis Capaldi is in the Alternative/Indie genre. Below my partner and I looked at the profile and demographics of a individual who listens to this genre of music, with the help of YouGov we were able to do this, what YouGov provided us was political views, typical professions, interests (e.g. Favorite T.V Shows, Movies and celebrities etc), also social grades and the regions where the individuals are majorly from. It is important for us to know our audience and completing this task helped us in our understanding, knowing our audience is important because we will be able to tailor our music video to our audiences pyschographics thus intriguing our audience to the music video, with this they will be able to decode anything we choose to encode in the video this can be done via things such as symbolic meanings behind objects. Also the elements which we decide to implement in our final music video may provide inspiration to our audience in addition to entertainment being able to emotionally relate to the lyrics and music video.

Here is the profile below :

Conclusively, I was able to gather all this information which YouGov provided to create my ideal audience member, using the demographics, pyschographics, also Blumler & Katz uses and gratification.

Our typical audience consisted of :

  • Demographics – Lower Middle Class and the Skilled Working Class
  • Pyschographics – Entertainment, Mainstream

With the information provided I have created an individual profile below :


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