Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

In contrast to our first draft this a major improvement in terms of quality, we have a lot more footage, now with this we have more of an idea on how music video will flow with the clips that we have taken, and we are much closer to knowing how are music video could look like.


  • We had a vast variety of shots in our video
  • The shots we recorded were in high decent quality
  • Overall, we were content with the shots that we had
  • The clips which were edited were relatively suited in the timeline


  • Remove content which isn’t needed
  • Stabilize shots which aren’t held steady
  • Include close ups (re-shoot)
  • Remove people in background/change clip
  • Allow shots to run through, don’t change clips quickly all the time
  • More emotion in performance, which would amplify the lyrics.
  • Implement some color filters, to imply meaning of the clip.
  • Edit to the music, e.g clip changes with end of beat

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