Feedback from Teacher


  • The shots of our female performer in the narrative were good, provided amplification to the lyrics.
  • Our video didn’t visualize the pitch that we presented
  • The idea of the cassette player was good.
  • A few of our montages were well structured
  • A few color corrections were well implemented, continue to implement more


  • We need to organize another filming shoot
  • The cassette player is something we need to link more clearly throughout the video and use more, otherwise don’t use it at all
  • House in the background of the shot in the beginning isn’t relevant
  • Re-position props/piano to get reverse shot, provides variety
  • More of star’s face/close up
  • Implement more of the environment consistently in our video
  • Mirror shot needs be filmed in focus and other shots also.
  • Bath shot has no significance and meaning behind it
  • Spread out female performer shots throughout the video
  • Re shoot reverse dolly from greeenhouse
  • Take more shots of the piano
  • Increase time on pull focus
  • Show more of the green house

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