Music Video Draft 3

After Draft 2, we’ve now come to Draft 3, since then we have re-recorded the close up,wide shot, mirror shot as they were not in focus and the correct location, in addition we recorded more shots such as close up side shots, piano string shots, another shot of the cassette player, and a low in a frame shot and more this time all in the greenhouse, which are the element which have been changed as given as previous feedback from our previous draft.

We have now edited to create our new Draft 3 of our Music Video. Now we were required to upload it to YouTube as part of the task to get feedback from our peers from the ‘YouTube Comments Section’ to set us targets to implement and improve for our forth and final draft, below is the feedback that our peers gave us :


  • Make the narrative more clear
  • More variety in shots
  • Shorten some clips down
  • Potentially add some effects in somewhere
  • We will have to do another shoot to achieve some of the targets above

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