Production Skills Evaluation 2

Since my previous evaluation post I have learnt much more about production skills for the making of my music video.

A new design skill that I have learnt is how to add color corrections to our video, playing around with the color and also preset filters were also available at our disposal for us to use and implement. With this we were able to convey themes and feeling via the colors that we choose, for example an orange/red color can suggest an autumnal feel to the video. We were able to do this by clicking on the lumetri color tab which is shown in the picture below, once selected we chose our desired correction and applied it on the video clip, this skill allowed us to construct and portray our video to imply feelings to our video.

Since last time we had Lenny Lenfestey come in who is an expert in Adobe Premiere Pro and gave us some tips and advice for our music video. The tips that he gave Noah and I was the use of adjustment layers, he taught us that we could put adjustment layers on top of our video, we could make adjustments to this layer and things which could be done is change the color of the clip and apply effects which would be specific to the length of the layer/clip on the timeline. How we did this is in our video was that we applied a crop/black bars to the top and bottom of the whole video, how we did this and how it looks is present below, the crop is conventional of a music video thus our video complying with music video conventions.

We also changed the speed of the clip in the music video, we were able to do this by right clicking on the specific video clip then clicked on speed/duration as which can be seen in the image below, and then by changing the speed to give off a slow motion effect by doing this. This portrays an elegant look to our female performer with the slow motion effect of which we were aiming to achieve.

We also did this echo effect, we were able to know about this by searching for tutorials and videos on youtube for how we could enhance our music video, and this came up. We applied this effect by searching for ‘echo’ in the effects tab and then we applied it by dragging it on the clip and thus we were able to achieve this look. This worked well for our product as it gave off this flashback and visually looked that there were two of him therefore giving this dual ‘echo’ effect.


We also did a text intro for our music video, we felt that this was conventional of a music video and thus we felt it was correct to implement this is our music video, we did this by clicking the ‘T’ button which is the text tool, then clicked on the video and created a text box with the tool and entered in the text and changed the font, size and so on. Then to create a fade in and out for the text we went on the opacity under the effect controls tab and created key frames so the text would have 0% opacity at a certain time and 100% at another time thus creating a fade affect.

Overall, I am content and happy with the skills that I have learnt, this will ensure that I will use all my skills from my side to create the best music video I possibly can, I have extended and furthered my knowledge of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro which will enable me to ensure that our music video is conventional, and aesthetically pleasing visually.

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