Music Video Draft 4

Above is our music video draft 4, which we very pleased of the outcome. We have updated it with the all the feedback that we given from our peers, and also what we felt wasn’t right. What we have changed in contrast to our previous draft is:

  • Added color correction.
  • Added narrative.
  • A new close up and wide shot.
  • New reverse track.
  • Title at start of song.
  • Throwing cassette shot.
  • Locking door shot
  • Reaction shot
  • Pan up
  • Added slow motion on shot of Millie.
  • Above piano shot
  • Change of shot order.

This is our peers giving us feedback on our draft 4 of our music video, from this we were able to receive feedback from them on our draft 4, as a result they gave us feedback which in turn would help us construct our targets for our final draft. Those targets are :

  • The performance in the new wide shot is a bit weak as he looks unsure in what he’s saying.
  • Shot changes should be on time to the beat.

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