Our Mission Statement

Who is the audience?

  • The audience we are looking to target in term of demographics consist of the age range of female’s between the ages of 18-24, and have spare in terms of money is less than £125 which they can use to consume media and entertainment.
  • The media our audience consumes is they enjoy series programs in addition to comedy movies, they also enjoy other music artists in pop and obviously indie in terms of genre examples include Taylor Swift and Rihanna.
  • The pyschographics of our audience that we aim to target consist of people who are involved and have interest in the main stream media, and with beliefs, the majority of our audience are on the left wing in terms of the political spectrum.

A call to action?

  • The way that we aim to achieve engagement with our audience is via social media prominently, they would receive all updates first and live on social media, this way we believe would be the most efficient way to communicate with our audience.
  • The way that we aim our audience to invest money for our artist is via sales coming from merchandise, albums being online or physical copies, and via social media channel being views on YouTube or plays on Spotify for example.

Who are the competition?

  • Three similar bands/artists consist of Dean Lewis, Bon Iver and Bastille.
  • Trends between album designs of similar artists are elements such as the simplicity of the designs for example just simple plain text with a significant meaning image in the backdrop, and a simple color palette not consisting of many colors.
  • The website is themed and branded to the colors of the latest album released this way they are more efficient in promoting the recent album release. In addition, to having all conventional content, for example buying tickets, dates of concerts/tours, social media links, and the online site to purchase merchandise.

Our USP (Unique Selling Point) :

  • Finn Wolfhard is upcoming to the music scene however it won’t take long with his talent to leave a legacy behind.
  • The star image of Finn is conventional to the genre of indie, in terms of mise-en scene costumes for Finn would be shirt,braces, black shoes and trousers, and with Finn new conventions will be based on him and further down the line he will be the definition of extraordinary with his talent. However, his life was basic before his fame and has is grateful and will never forget his upbringing being typical like the majority of people, thus this way he will be able to connect with his audience on another level.

Our mission statement :

Finn, so talented they had to give him two N’s. He cuts through the charts like a finn through water. Eccentric, exciting, energetic, 3 words that give him justice. He’s down to earth and has a universal appeal, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground but still able to fly. Inclusive of his audience and inspired by love. You’ve never seen an indie artist this fun.


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