Digipak Moodboards

This is a collage of the elements of our moodboard that represent our digipak and our genre of Indie, this includes the style of font that we want to implement, in addition to the color palette in some of the images below, furthermore, with some of the image connoting meaning and significance behind them for example the road portraying this journey so to speak. What the moodboards portray is the theme that we aim to achieve in terms of the physical moodboard that we put pictures such as the road suggests the journey that our performer has been on of his relationship and connotes the journey essentially. In our digital moodboard we have looked at other album covers with the same genre as ours and have used them for inspiration for our own digipak, in addition including a sans serif fonts that we aim to use which believe would suit our digipak and genre. Generally the feel of our moodboard are simplistic we believe and we aim for nothing over the top in contrast however not to basic and we believe the moodboard show our ideas for this.

Overall, this task has given inspiration and more of an idea for the construction and the implementation of elements for our digipak.

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