Digipak Photo Mock-Up

Below we were tasked to create a digipak photo mock up for our own digipak, we were asked to create our digipak used images that were relevant and suitable to our genre and what theme we aimed to achieve. In order to ensure that we were on the right track in terms of genre we were tasked to ask our peers who didn’t know who our genre was to ask them what they thought our genre was and hoped that they said our genre of Indie Pop. We were also tasked to chose adjectives that described our digipak and the emotions and feel that it portrayed.

Below is our Digipak Photo Mock-up :

Overall, our digipak was conventional to do the ideas that we had, the pictures are relevant to the themes and genre that we were aiming to achieve. With the images in particular the image had an edgy feel towards however we felt that it suited our ideas that we had, we used ideas from our music video to provide the theme and meaning behind the images chosen, the songs in the album are linked to love and loss in one way or another which can be seen by the track names.


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