Feedback on Mock up and Targets

We were sent out to ask our peers on what they thought the genre was for our digipak from our digipak photo mock-up and received feedback from them on our digipak. In terms of what genre visually our peers thought of our digipak 4/11 thought it was Indie Pop which was our genre this shows us we are doing something right and are on the right as the majority chose that genre. However, we had some peers chose classic rock, we could see how they would comprehend this because of the dark color palette and the low and dark exposure on our images, we would have to consider this on our final product so essentially people are not misguided by our digipak and think the totally wrong genre which is something that we don’t want.

Many people thought in terms of the adjectives that we listed and asked them to tick which adjective out of the list they thought described our digipak best was the majority chose ‘loss’ followed by ‘love’ we were happy with this outcome as that’s what’s associated we our digipak and wanted our peers to chose, which yet again shows that were doing something right, other highly chosen adjectives which are relevant with our theme of the digipak being ‘sad, intense’ which were the main chosen which also describes our digipak.


  • Give the image a little bit more exposure
  • Potentially play around with content on image

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