Production Skills

For our digpak production we used a variety of skills in order for us to construct our digipak, we used Photoshop to edit and manipulate our photos, for our front and back covers we applied filters/layers in photoshop, first of all will used a black and white gradient map which we applied to give more depth to the image in terms of color aesthetically it looked pleasing to the eye in contrast to the original, in addition to this we implemented a gradient fill, which made the image black to transparent from bottom to top which can be seen visually on our front cover. Lastly, we included an exposure layer to give the image a bit more exposure but not too much which enabled us to portray this lost isolated feel which the color black as synonyms of.

In Adobe InDesign for the construction of our digipak we used a template for it so we had the right dimensions and was conventional for the digipak, in addition, the template came with the spines also so were efficiently able to implement the conventional elements of the digipak, also in terms of text we were able to play around with the text to either space it out, change size, and even the type of text, which we believe portrayed our genre of indie pop via the font and text style.


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