Digipak Draft 2

Here is our Draft 2 of out Digipak :

Front Cover


Left Panel
Right Panel



Back Cover


  • We changed the masthead and the changed to font of it to make it aesthetically look better.
  • We changed the text of the tracks so it doesn’t cover the model on the back cover.
  • We changed the right inside panel, which we manipulated in Photoshop to create that image that is now on our final right inside panel, also we played around with the stone which was a target of ours which we managed to do.
  • Centered the text on the spine.

We then got feedback from 3 of our peers to tell us what they liked and targets for improvement, here is what they said :

Peer 1 

  • Images suit the genre well, and theme of the tracks.
  • Conventionally well presented and suited.
  • Positioning of model is great.


  • Maybe fix the back cover looks a bit stretched.
  • The text at the bottom of the back back cover is hard to read.

Peer 2 

  • The fonts are well chosen and suits the digipak
  • Color scheme is well chosen.
  • Great manipulation of images on right inside panel.


  • Maybe do some color corrections on the back cover.
  • You could change the color of the text of the tracks to white to match the color scheme with the front cover.

Peer 3 

  • Clouds are well manipulated in inside right panel
  • Drop shadow on masthead is a good choice and looks good.
  • Good color palette choice.

Improvements :

  • Could re position the masthead on the front cover, so have the album at the top and artist name at the bottom.
  • Different picture selection with the manipulation of the heart shaped rock, looks the same image as the front cover.


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