Evaluation of web design application

In terms of the process of web design application, there is a lot of things that I have learnt on this process of web design making, with using Wix it wasn’t a site that I was familiar with, however it was a platform that i have heard of before, there were elements that I found were difficult to comprehend at first but gradually got a grasp of for example, how crucial the tabs were on the left of the website creator, this was the core of the website and all elements that I wished to implement on the website came from ‘Add Apps’ section of the bar, an example of me using this feature was on the tour dates table where I was required to use ‘add apps’ and use an add on app to add the tour table in as seen in the image below.


Also features which I found were pretty straightforward was to add media in this instance from YouTube it was pretty easy to use link from the video and paste it in to the media tab, in addition, to adding text was simple as many interfaces by adding in text boxes and typing in the desired text. Also adding in images the options were simple to do by adding in images and uploading them from the computer then adding the image in. In addition, some other features which helped us convey our genre of indie pop and star image was the fonts that we used, there was a variety to chose from however we knew what was conventional of our genre and chose the appropriate font which help us convey our genre, we were also able to convey our star via our merchandise page which we created and portrayed our items conventional to our genre.

Overall, I found the web design interface simple and easy to use, and enjoyed creating our website on the platform.

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