Web Page Draft One and Final draft with what has changed

This is our Web Page Draft One of our website.



Based on the feedback that we received from our teacher these are our targets we have compiled together :

  • Create some news articles
  • Insert our mission statement in our bio
  • Delete unnecessary links and social media icons
  • Include some different shots that we’ve taken
  • Hype our album and music video more, also including the digipak for hyping up the album

Now based on the Feedback we have made changes to our website, here is the updated site :

The feedback which we were given we took on board and made change to our website, the changes we made were :

  • Implemented our digipak more thoroughly on our website.
  • Included a gallery of our artist, which gives more inside on his life.
  • Included many more different images as part of the gallery.
  • Included a news page with some headlines.
  • Implemented our mission statement as part of the ‘about’/bio section of the artist.

Overall, with the feedback given we were pleased with the outcome of our website.



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