Prelim Montage

This is my montage that I have created on a whole school day, the shots were taken some by me and some by my partner who I was working with and I believe that most the shots were decently composed as well as this task helping the learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. I individually edited the whole video, I played around with tools in Premiere Pro for example the colors,transitions as well as playing with the marking of the shots in terms of where and when I wanted the clip to start and end. I believe edited the video well on the whole but not happy with the overall finished outcome for example, there were was a shot where I zoomed in onto the persons face to capture her reaction and realize here that the camera work wasn’t professional and good in addition to learning conventionally that zooming in shots and things like that is done much better on the editing software being Adobe Premiere Pro in this case. As well as the video being too long, it was supposed to be 30 seconds but ended a 2:50 video which wasn’t good, also we should’ve included a wider variety of shots, as the majority of our shots consisted of medium and close up shots However, I have learnt a lot with this task for example :

  • Color Corrections
  • Transitions
  • Effects e.g Zooming
  • Video Clips

Here is the plan/storyboard that we had to make before recording our video, this tells what we want happening in each clip and how we want each clip to be composed as directors of the video. This would help us as directors giving more clarity and knowledge on what and how we require of each clip.

Click for full Plan

Prelim Continuity Task

  • I have used the following camera techniques such as a pan, mid shot, two shot and a shot reverse shot, as well as a close up.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense of/that it matches the conventions of continuity edit, as well as to show the reaction and relationship of both characters throughout the narrative, also to create a sense of emotion in the video.
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rule of all edits should be motivated in addition to the implementation of a shot reverse shot and a match on action.I used these rules to make sure that the task of a continuity edit is completed and that matches the conventions of a continuity edit as well as so the audience don’t confused on the positioning of my shot as well as keeping consistent continuity throughout my video.
  • I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro of mark in and mark out tool so I have a clip of where and when exactly I want the video clip starting and ending, also importing video folders as a group which is efficient as this allowed me to put clips in the folder and would automatically update in Adobe Premiere Pro. I also used the zoom tool at the bottom of the timeline which allowed me to zoom on the timeline of the whole video and I could make changes where necessary.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently such as making sure when recording to get everything right and so I have everything in sync and have a plan set before hand.



So how did it go?

Overall, I am very happy with my end product of my final music magazine Pop Party. On this journey of creating my music magazine I have learnt a lot on using the interface of InDesign, skill wise I didn’t have any experience in InDesign prior to the journey and basically the whole process summed up was trial and error. In addition, pretty much playing around with the tools that I knew from experience that I had into Photoshop. however, the tools didn’t perform the same actions as they did in Photoshop which was something as previously mentioned became a trial and error experiment in InDesign for me to adjust to the tools.

The feedback that I received from my peers and teachers was very beneficial for me in the process and aided my progression in my magazines in terms of visual presentation alongside matching the conventions of a magazine. Something which was tiring in the process was the redrafting of my magazine over and over again, however, I understood how each piece of feedback would only improve my magazine and not make it worse, visually I can see the fruition of the feedback in my final drafts of my music magazine.

I would say in my opinion my contents page was the worst of the pages that I created in my first drafts, however, with the feedback that I was given in addition to inspiration in the form of other content pages of the same genre helped to achieve the final content page that I have today. Below is the comparison of the first draft of my contents page in contrast to my final draft, the comparison of the pages I believe shows the progression and is a visual indicator of my skills that I have developed on this journey. On the left is my first draft of my contents page and on the right is my final draft of it. As visually seen the conventions are well placed and integrated well I believe on my final draft in addition visually look appeasing to the eye in comparison to the first draft which was mess in terms of colors,placement,graphics,typeface,image,words, and realize how important it is to consider these elements in print media in order to reaching target audiences for example, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the audience in order to achieve sales and goals.

Looking at these comparisons, I can see my progression in InDesign, as well as knowledgeably knowing the conventions of a magazine and knowing how to integrate them into my magazine.

Conclusively, for future projects and coursework I believe that I should have set a clear design in mind of how visually the magazine would look and not procrastinate on the design, however at the same time matching the conventions of a magazine. In addition, do more additional research on the program and interface in order for me to get to used to the program and have more knowledge on it which allow me to be efficient time wise and quality wise of my product.

Draft 5

Here are my Penultimate Drafts for my music magazine.


Click for better quality


Click for better quality


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This is the Youtube Video Clip on where my feedback was given by my teacher on my penultimate drafts to look upon.

Overall, my magazine was good however, analyzing the feedback I have set myself some final targets for me to implement in the redrafting of my magazine before the submission date which has been set.

Final Targets :

  • I was told that on my front cover page that I need to change the font on the ‘star name’ as it looked too similar to the masthead, and the conventions of a front page require the masthead to be unique and stand out above everything on the front page.
  • Also on my front page in order for the masthead to stand out, I was told to change the colors so the masthead has it’s own unique style/color, for example on the ‘star name’ and ‘cover lines’ this is where I’ll implement this feedback.
  • On both the front cover page as well as the contents page was that I still had placeholder and convention text on the page, and was told that I need to have the final elements and content done, which will be done on my redraft.
  • In my contents page I had caption text on my image wasn’t suitable and didn’t match the conventions of magazine which was the mentioning of unknowns therefore, I have to reword my caption in my redraft.
  • On my double page spread, I had my pictures in text which on the end result had a white large border around it which ruined the double page spread, I have to crop the borders on the image to make it look unique and stand out.


In order to make the presentation for our pages for our music magazine aesthetically pleasing we are required to implement another page which will go between the cover and the contents page, this page will be a full page advertisement. The reason for this implementation is for a technical reason of exporting our finished magazine pages into a specific presentation software for our music magazine which will layout our pages as a magazine. However, I understand that we won’t be marked on this advert, but in terms of presentation having this extra page of an advert will help the presentation software process run more efficiently. It will be useful on the pretext of this task to go back and to make sure to have a complete understanding of my target audience. My audience based on my audience research in terms of demographics was male adult ages between 18-24, in terms of politics my audience being on the right wing of the spectrum and professions included things like the sports industry which where my advert coincides with my target audience, therefore the advert would perfectly fit my magazine due to the reasoning of the demographics matching my target audience with the advert that I have chosen. As a result I have chosen this Adidas advert and the caption perfectly describes my music star as well as it resulting in meeting my audience demographics and would fit perfectly into my music magazine.

I have also included a music tour poster as another advert for my magazine, the genre is the same as the one of my magazine, I particularly enjoyed the design of the cover therefore me choosing it, I feel that my audience would be suited to similar genre poster and would meet in my aim of meeting my target audience.


Language Analysis

The magazine article that I am analysing is called ‘Cash For Questions’, the name of the magazine is the ‘Q’ music magazine, the date of the article/magazine is September 2017 and the author of the article is Paul Stokes. I have chosen to analyze this article due to the reason that I will like to implement a Q&A content into my double page spread, I feel the Q&A format would be most suitable for my double page spread as I would be able to reach my target audience via this format. It was a simple article to read, it wasn’t complex, which allowed the reader to maintain the desire to read the article and carry on reading the article.

In the beginning of the article the journalist lays down big names in particular Miley Cyrus and David Cameron being the former prime minister of England, this is useful and effective in grabbing the audience’s attention and to read the article. The journalist includes on the ‘Standfirst’ some irony/amusement ‘why they’re against dishwashers’ which can be felt through the presence of the journalist in that particular line in terms of what the audience feels about that line for example the tone of the line, in addition the use ellipses at the end of the line the purpose of that is to lead the audience on, to read the article throughout.

The journalist sets the scene of the article by the article stating near the beginning ‘With over 200,000 of the oldest books in Ireland’, then ‘Trinity College Dublin’s The Long Room’ which paints the picture of visually where Alt-J are. That provides what the surroundings of where the journalist and alt-j are and where the interview is taking place.

Artists love to do Q&A as the answer to do there questions allow them to express there personality via the questions asked in addition the answers that the artists provide would communicate to his/hers star image to make there image or brand more established and recognisable. This allows the artists to establish themselves in both there brand or image as well as there personality which is why a Q&A interview is liked by artists due to those reasons and there star image being expanded.

The structure of the article is that it is a Q&A, the questions have been presented to the artists by the audience/readers. There is a variation of questions being asked by the audience and the presence of the journalist is being made aware by the use in the questions for example, ‘People have criticised alt-j for being nerdy. To dispel that, tell us the worst trouble you got in at school’ the use of us provides the presence of the journalist alongside the audience. It makes the audience feel more involved with the article which would enable them to be more intrigued to the article.

Here is the image of the article :

Click for full article

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

I was given Feedback based on all drafts that I did of my front cover,contents page and double page spread by our teacher and was given constructive feedback to improve my drafts via a Youtube video clip here is the link to it below.

FRONT PAGE –  The feedback I was given on my front page draft was that I should change the colour of the stroke on the masthead or just change the style in general as the colour of the stroke as it loses the impact that I am trying the convey of my genre of pop. I should also change the font of the star name as it is the same as the masthead font as well as the main cover line which doesn’t match the conventions of a front page of which I was made aware by my teacher in this feedback. Also I should implement another font which I was told by my teacher, in addition, implementing more of a variety of colours into my front cover would be better and beneficial for my front page.

CONTENTS PAGE – The feedback that I was given on my contents page draft was that it was a similar theme in comparison to my front page, however, I have included a new image and was told that It wasn’t suitable in terms of where I placed the image and that I should look to re position the image somewhere else. Also that I should crop/move my model in on the page, and try to be more inventive with my images. Furthermore, I need to include more articles in contrast to the conventions of a content page there are many articles which is something that I would need to do and include on my contents page. The colour of pink was favoured by my teacher followed by the white stroke.

DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD – The feedback that I was given on my double page spread draft was that I had implemented words repetitively which is something that I will have to change in addition the headline wasn’t favoured massively by my teacher which is also something I will probably need to change. The picture which I had used DTP in particular Photoshop was liked by my teacher and the way which I manipulated the image was great. I should change the way of the box images that I have included and that I should be more inventive with the images and also that I should change the size of the pull quote that I have implemented. Capital Letters at the beginning of the paragraphs was liked by my teacher however I should be more consistent with that particular element embedding it throughout the main body text of the double page spread.

Overall, I was told that the designs were similar to each other which is something that I will work on to change in terms of some colours used and with more drafts I will aim to improve my next drafts.


Feedback on Article



This is my peer feedback voice memo on my article:

Targets for development :

  • Have more content in the article, maybe include some more questions to extend the article.
  • Introduce a variety of language for example figurative language such as personification which would express his personality as an individual, or a simile could be implemented to suggest also what he is like as an individual.
  • Make some of the content in the article more entertaining for example what he gets up to in his free time or how he lives his life which is different and more thrilling to a regular person’s life and embedding it throughout the article which would intrigue the audience to read on the whole article.