Narrative Storyboard

This is our narrative storyboard for our music video, this is briefly the content of shots that we want for our narrative shoot.The point of the storyboard for our narrative shoot and this task is that this will help when recording our narrative shoot as it would give us in depth idea visually of what shot that we want, we would have a brief idea on how to compose the shot and what we want in the frame, which is why doing this task would be beneficial for us when recording our narrative. This will also help us when on shoot so we know the positioning of our camera in addition to helping us remember what shots that we need to take, in addition to saving us time on the shoot as we’ll know what shots to do. Reflecting on our initial shoot we think that we didn’t have as many shots as we liked so for our next shoot we know beforehand that we need to prepare for many more shots, and we didn’t do sufficient planning.

Narrative Development

This is mine and Noah’s Narrative Development slide, on what the structure of our story is and what we aim to achieve for our video for this task we aimed to understand how a narrative is presented. This document shows that we developed our narrative with structure in terms of a beginning,middle and end, we learned that the story has to be short but at the same time portray the story that we aim via the music video. This document illustrates the way we developed our narrative by having a beginning,middle and end, the equilibrium is at the very beginning of where it starts, then the disruption can be interpreted by when the relationship is ended and closed off and the effects/conflicts of this can be seen throughout the video and a resolution would be present in the end where the relationship is set free and both have move on.

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Self Assessment :

  • We filmed the majority of the shots that we wanted
  • We should’ve had some more shots and variety of shots that we wanted to do.
  • We were content that the shots matched our plan and achieved our targets.
  • We were happy overall of our shoot, and feel we utilized it efficiently.

Targets :

  • We could’ve made the shots more stable whilst we were recording.
  • Maybe implementing more effects
  • We could’ve used the music more to the edit, for example, when the beat drops cut to a different clip.
  • We should’ve got additional shots as back ups, just in case if needed.
  • We realized that we didn’t have enough shots and needed more overall.

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Overall, our performance was well planned before hand so we had our idea on what we wanted to do in our shoot and what we aimed to achieve. For example, we had our visual shot list present on our phones, we had our meeting with out performer so she knew what we she had to do and what we wanted her to do, in addition, to having the correct mise-en scene in terms of costume because of the meeting that we had previously, because of this we were able to do our shoot effectively and efficiently. However, I feel in our shoot we didn’t exactly know how to actually to record those shoots that we wanted in our visual shot list, so in terms of that issue we should’ve done some more research so we knew how to record those technical shots, consequently for our next shoot we will be more prepared in terms of that aspect. We composed the shots of our performer to portray this ‘free’ feeling and we aimed to achieve this by composing our shots in the natural environment to imply this feeling of being out in the open to communicate the idea of our performer not being trapped but free essentially, we framed our shots by ensuring in some of the shots that our performer was in the middle of the frame presenting that she is center of attention and vocal point of the frame.


  • Do some more research
  • Be more prepared
  • Work on the framing of our shots
  • Know how what we wanted in our shot in terms of content

Below is a picture of us on shoot :

Star Image Planning

Generally the meta narrative is a mix of media that constructs and shapes the image of the star in the audiences mind. This should portray the general image of the star and brand ideas. The image that we want to portray is a smart outlook to match the conventions of our genre of indie/alternative. We have taken screenshots of the artists social media which portrays the ideas of the artist which we want to do for our own. The meta-narrative overall is to imply this meaning of the smart look for our music video specifically which implies the stylish look throughout the video giving this elegant look alongside our female performer.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

This was the feedback that we received on our ideas and pitch that we had for our music video, me and Noah decided to record him whilst he was telling his feedback as it would be more efficient for us. This talk helped us a lot on how we should structure our video.

To summarize the feedback :

  • Have a clear story visually in mind
  • Visually show how the narrative interlinks and intertwines together.
  • We need to establish the relationship between the two performers.
  • Put the man low in the frame of a wide shot.
  • The possibility of showing the girl in a photo frame with the boy to convey this link.
  • Write down a clear storyboard of what we want to happen in the video.
  • Think of a way he can be reminded of her.
  • Do a flash back if possible.
  • Don’t out that they can come together.
  • If using flashbacks, delineate what is past and present, whether it be through colour or an effect.
  • There needs to be more of a story.
  • Have lots of closeups.
  • Have it run longer than you think you need.
  • Have a list of shots.