Test Shoots


  • We needed to shoot some more close up’s, we only shot mid close up’s and we realized the conventions of filming is shooting a wide shot and a close up so we have something to always go back to as a back up.
  • Improve the focus on the camera whilst filming, we need to improve our skills with the camera and ensure that our shots in focus.
  • I also believe that we need to improve in terms of editing, is to have more smooth transitions into each clip.
  • We could of also included and played around in implementing more effects on the video and potentially zooms in and outs etc.

Song Short List and Moodboard

After we were put into our groups we were then asked to pitch ideas to one another in order to come to a conclusion on whose song we would end up going for, below is both our pitches that we presented to each other.

My choice : Ivan B – Sweaters

Noah’s choice : Lewis Capaldi – Bruises

Overall, we ended going for Noah’s song due to the fact it was easier to perform and execute due to Noah having the resources and location for us to use in addition to the genre of Indie matching the location. We have the ideas which are in Noah’s pitch to use a greenhouse, piano and the rest are in the pitch to utilise the location and resources that we have to imply the feeling of the consequences of a one sided breakup.



Final Song Choice

This is our updated pitch with and below is the song that we have chosen as our final song.

We have chosen this song as my partner has a clear set on ideas on what he wants do in addition to having the resources and location to do to, which made me go with ideas as it will be more convenient for us to do and execute.


Pitch + Feedback

Below is our pitch and feedback that we were given by out teacher :


  • We need to have clarity on how we will execute our pitch/plan visually.
  • We need to have decided on who our performers will be.
  • Research on camera techniques which are conventional of the genre and ideas that we have.
  • Try and expose the light via the greenhouse.
  • We need to the identify how we are going to film the video conventionally.
  • Try to use frames in frames which would imply meaning.
  • Try and compress the frames, which makes the video and scene isolated.
  • Try to include montages.
  • Play around and implement filters on the video.

Evaluation of Previous Student’s Music Video

Holding a Shot Steady

I would put this video in terms of the level ladder in the Upper Level 3 of Holding a Shot Steady, overall the majority of the shots were shot steadily and taken steadily, however, there were some shots for example at 0:39 it could’ve been more steadier a wobble in the camera can be visually seen therefore because of this reason I have decided to put this in the Upper Level 3 of the Level Ladder.

Framing a Shot

I would put this video in terms of the level ladder in the Lower Level 4 of Framing a Shot, there is a variety of frames in this video, the framing in this video is well composed an all elements are present in the frame, there is visual interest in the framing as a result makes the end product look professional and smoother in transition. For example, at 1:17 of the video, the framing in this clip is good, all elements in the frame, the actor is positioned in the rule of thirds,high angle, and shows the scene of this walk in the park, the whole frame is constructed together well therefore me putting the Framing of the Shot in the Lower Level 4. However, I haven’t put the clip in the Upper Level 4 because I feel that more imaginative and creative angles could be used in the video and not many were present in the video consequently not making the Upper Level 4 bracket for me.

Variety of Shot Distances 

There a variety of shot distances displayed in the video, the shots include close ups, long shots, mid shots a variety of those consisting in the video, some of the shot distances which stood out for me personally again would be at 1:17, the distance in the framing is a long shot but also a wide shot and creates this sense of loneliness, as well as the environment suggesting a place to clear out his head and giving him time and space to think the long shot emphasizes his feeling and creates visual interest in terms of what is going to happen next and makes chronological sense. Therefore, I would put this is in the Upper Level 3 of the Level Ladder, however, I wouldn’t put this in the level 4 as I don’t believe that there is no narrative sense present in terms of matching with the lyrics.

Appropriate to Task

I would say that the video is conventional to the genre and well produced and edited, the product clearly reflects the genre and form in addition to the actors being well directed in the video due to the emotions being present in some of the scenes which illustrate the lyrics and amplify the meaning behind the video also, a prime example being at 3:50 at that short clip where this is present. The structure of the video made sense and was well planed and executed, therefore, I would give this is a Lower Level 4 in terms of the level ladder however, I haven’t given it a Upper Level 4 as visually you know the difference between a professional product and one made at home in a sense.

Mise-en-Scene Selection

I would say in the video that the mise en scene collection is conventional to the genre, the costume suited the theme/genre of the video, there was a high key lighting present in the video,there were many props on the video such as the cards,drink cups, drinks, match box to name a few which provided detail to the video, every element of the mise en scene selection reflected the genre and tone therefore, me putting this at the very top of the level ladder being the Upper Level 4.

Editing for Meaning

The relationship between the narrative and the editing was very good, the video made sense and had clear coherent structure to it which was made possible by the editing. The cuts in the editing was suited to the rhythm as well as the lyrics with repetition to the shower scene which portrayed the emotion in the lyrics and story line, as a result conveys the meaning of the lyrics really well via the editing. The editing connotes the genre of mise en scene for example at 0:57 is a good piece of editing and shows the genre via the mise en scene of the costume and the editing implies the meaning that he is in the process of going out with the fast cut of costume changing. The editing illustrates the lyrics and is clear as a montage and again makes narrative sense and the continuity editing is very good and the video is well composed. Therefore, I would put this video in the Lower Level 4 of the level ladder.

Shot Tranisitions

I would say that the shot transitions are very smooth in the video, it flows well together and consistently, each scene is transitioned well for the genre and essentially for the meaning of the lyrics and genre. I believe that the transition selection and timing are judged perfectly by watching the video. A personal favorite of mine was at 1:08 exactly where the actor is looking out the window with the sun on him then transitions to the fire then to next scene, I liked this transition as it reflects the title of the song and amplifies the meaning. Therefore, I would put this video in the Upper Level 4 of the level ladder.

Sound with Images

The sound is well synced to the video, I would say the sync mostly accurate to the video, the syncing is good and not noticeable with the little delay with the syncing, the edit to sync with the visual and sound has been well attempted and is clear and reflects the narrative really well. Therefore, I would put this is in the Lower Level 4 of the level ladder.