Digipak Draft 2

Here is our Draft 2 of out Digipak :

Front Cover


Left Panel
Right Panel



Back Cover


  • We changed the masthead and the changed to font of it to make it aesthetically look better.
  • We changed the text of the tracks so it doesn’t cover the model on the back cover.
  • We changed the right inside panel, which we manipulated in Photoshop to create that image that is now on our final right inside panel, also we played around with the stone which was a target of ours which we managed to do.
  • Centered the text on the spine.

We then got feedback from 3 of our peers to tell us what they liked and targets for improvement, here is what they said :

Peer 1 

  • Images suit the genre well, and theme of the tracks.
  • Conventionally well presented and suited.
  • Positioning of model is great.


  • Maybe fix the back cover looks a bit stretched.
  • The text at the bottom of the back back cover is hard to read.

Peer 2 

  • The fonts are well chosen and suits the digipak
  • Color scheme is well chosen.
  • Great manipulation of images on right inside panel.


  • Maybe do some color corrections on the back cover.
  • You could change the color of the text of the tracks to white to match the color scheme with the front cover.

Peer 3 

  • Clouds are well manipulated in inside right panel
  • Drop shadow on masthead is a good choice and looks good.
  • Good color palette choice.

Improvements :

  • Could re position the masthead on the front cover, so have the album at the top and artist name at the bottom.
  • Different picture selection with the manipulation of the heart shaped rock, looks the same image as the front cover.


Digipak Draft 1

Front Cover
Left Panel + Right Panel
Back Cover

What we’ve changed from our previous draft is that we’ve included in our right panel is that we’ve included the image of the rock and manipulated it in Photoshop so that it looks the heart shaped stone is broken, portraying an heartbroken theme, we’ve also changed the masthead and the size to make it look much better in terms of appearance, we’ve also changed the text of the tracks on the back so they don’t overlap with the star.


Here is a screencastify from our teacher giving us feedback on our digipak draft 1.


  • Nice, fresh, nature feel to it, fits the genre.
  • Likes drop shadow on name.
  • Lovely picture for back cover.
  • Spines are good.
  • The heart shaped stone is well constructed.


  • Make the star bigger.
  • Bit too plain for masthead.
  • Maybe change text on back cover so it’s not over model.
  • Text on spine don’t look centered.
  • Change size of text for masthead.
  • Inside right isn’t good, too much of model.
  • Play with stone.

Evaluation of shoot or graphic design

We have now completed our first shoot for our Digipak, now it’s time to evaluate on our photoshoot, and our digipak design so far. Also with the evualtion we will be able to assess where we could improve our product overall.

Overall, we were happy with our photos that we took on our shoot, we had a variety in terms of distances of shots which enabled us to have the joy of choosing a suitable photo for our digipak and website, with the freedom with the number of photos that we had. Below is some of the photos that we took from our shoot.

However, when it came to our design, we had found suitable images for our front and back cover in addition the left inside panel, in contrast we did not have a suitable image for right inside panel which is where we had to come up with something which was suitable for the panel, we should’ve had more clarity on what we wanted for that panel, but this problem gave us something to work towards.

Most importantly we had the images for us to use and manipulate for our digipak and website and ovreall we were happy with the outcomes of the shoot and the graphic designs that we had manipulated.


Contact Sheet

These were the contact sheets for our photo shoot for our digipak, these photos achieved our aims for the shoots and will helps us construct and provide design ideas for our digipak.





Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Our aims for the shoot is to get our front cover shot which is the main target for the day, and our production meeting agenda for the shoot is below and our risk assessment is also below for us to analyse any hazards when going out for the shoot and how we can prevent these hazards, we have both signed it off when confirmation by the signature of our teacher.


Digipak Photo Mock-Up

Below we were tasked to create a digipak photo mock up for our own digipak, we were asked to create our digipak used images that were relevant and suitable to our genre and what theme we aimed to achieve. In order to ensure that we were on the right track in terms of genre we were tasked to ask our peers who didn’t know who our genre was to ask them what they thought our genre was and hoped that they said our genre of Indie Pop. We were also tasked to chose adjectives that described our digipak and the emotions and feel that it portrayed.

Below is our Digipak Photo Mock-up :

Overall, our digipak was conventional to do the ideas that we had, the pictures are relevant to the themes and genre that we were aiming to achieve. With the images in particular the image had an edgy feel towards however we felt that it suited our ideas that we had, we used ideas from our music video to provide the theme and meaning behind the images chosen, the songs in the album are linked to love and loss in one way or another which can be seen by the track names.


Digipak Moodboards

This is a collage of the elements of our moodboard that represent our digipak and our genre of Indie, this includes the style of font that we want to implement, in addition to the color palette in some of the images below, furthermore, with some of the image connoting meaning and significance behind them for example the road portraying this journey so to speak. What the moodboards portray is the theme that we aim to achieve in terms of the physical moodboard that we put pictures such as the road suggests the journey that our performer has been on of his relationship and connotes the journey essentially. In our digital moodboard we have looked at other album covers with the same genre as ours and have used them for inspiration for our own digipak, in addition including a sans serif fonts that we aim to use which believe would suit our digipak and genre. Generally the feel of our moodboard are simplistic we believe and we aim for nothing over the top in contrast however not to basic and we believe the moodboard show our ideas for this.

Overall, this task has given inspiration and more of an idea for the construction and the implementation of elements for our digipak.

Digipak – Previous Students Work

For the creation of our very own digipak in this task we were asked to look at a previous students digipak, this task will be beneficial for us when creating our own digipak as we will be able to see how they’ve constructed there own digipak.


The use of camera in this digipak wasn’t overall pleasing, for example, the visual content present it looks like they’ve only taken 2 simple images of the girl and just put them facing each other which seems like this the only use of the camera that they’ve used in there whole digipak, however it can be argued and I do not know if the splattered colors were taken by camera or not in terms of the level ladder I would give it a lower level 2 as it only consists of a straight shot and nothing else has been played around with for example there is no variety of shot distances. Furthermore, with the use of Photoshop it seems pretty poor it doesn’t seem that they’ve used it well or at all by the looks of things to create an engaging image overall so yet again I would give a lower level 2 in terms of the use of Photoshop to create an engaging image.


In terms of mise-en scene they have used make up it seems on the left image of the girl which is good and portrays the them of the digipak in terms of color and genre also I would give the mise-en scene an upper level 3 of the level ladder, in terms of mise en scene the colors can be talked about and the bright colorfulness display it provides, however I believe that the vibrant colors contrast with the black background to give this dark and deep feeling to it which is good as it can portray there genre in the way that they wish to achieve.


The choice of words used are relevant to the album in terms of the track names linking to relationships, love the meaning behind the music video and album, however it can be said that the ‘necessary’ the name of the album isn’t really prominent on the front cover, in contrast the meaning of necessary can be interpreted in many ways and can and cannot be linked to love, however with the track names the meaning can be decoded, in terms of level I would give it a lower level 3 with the choice of words used to engage the intended audience.


In terms of how the images and text is linked, I feel that the font is suited and conventional to the genre and theme of the digipak, in addition, all the conventional images are used such as the barcode, record label etc. Furthermore, in terms of font and text sizes the conventional elements are intact for example the album name and artist is in a suitable size and I would give it a lower level 3 of the level ladder in my opinion more elements could be used overall.


Digipak Conventions Analysis

Our music video ‘Bruises’ is by indie/alternative artist Lewis Capaldi. In this task we were required to choose another artist/band of the same genre as our’s and complete a conventions analysis on a digipak of theirs, this will help us when constructing our own digipak and putting all the elements being the conventions together, this task helped me understand what the fundamental elements of a digipak are and help me create an effective and conventional digipak. Below I have done my digipak conventions analysis on Bastille the band who are of the same genre as our music video of indie/alternative.

Here is my analysis below :