Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Overall, our performance was well planned before hand so we had our idea on what we wanted to do in our shoot and what we aimed to achieve. For example, we had our visual shot list present on our phones, we had our meeting with out performer so she knew what we she had to do and what we wanted her to do, in addition, to having the correct mise-en scene in terms of costume because of the meeting that we had previously, because of this we were able to do our shoot effectively and efficiently. However, I feel in our shoot we didn’t exactly know how to actually to record those shoots that we wanted in our visual shot list, so in terms of that issue we should’ve done some more research so we knew how to record those technical shots, consequently for our next shoot we will be more prepared in terms of that aspect.

Below is a picture of us on shoot :

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

This was the feedback that we received on our ideas and pitch that we had for our music video, me and Noah decided to record him whilst he was telling his feedback as it would be more efficient for us. This talk helped us a lot on how we should structure our video.

To summarize the feedback :

  • Have a clear story visually in mind
  • Visually show how the narrative interlinks and intertwines together.
  • We need to establish the relationship between the two performers.
  • Put the man low in the frame of a wide shot.
  • The possibility of showing the girl in a photo frame with the boy to convey this link.
  • Write down a clear storyboard of what we want to happen in the video.
  • Think of a way he can be reminded of her.
  • Do a flash back if possible.
  • Don’t out that they can come together.
  • If using flashbacks, delineate what is past and present, whether it be through colour or an effect.
  • There needs to be more of a story.
  • Have lots of closeups.
  • Have it run longer than you think you need.
  • Have a list of shots.

Risk Assessment

Here is our Risk Assessment for our Location shoot, here we assessed the potential risks on location for our shoots and how we can prevent and tackle those risks.

Test Shoots


  • We needed to shoot some more close up’s, we only shot mid close up’s and we realized the conventions of filming is shooting a wide shot and a close up so we have something to always go back to as a back up.
  • Improve the focus on the camera whilst filming, we need to improve our skills with the camera and ensure that our shots in focus.
  • I also believe that we need to improve in terms of editing, is to have more smooth transitions into each clip.
  • We could of also included and played around in implementing more effects on the video and potentially zooms in and outs etc.

Song Short List and Moodboard

After we were put into our groups we were then asked to pitch ideas to one another in order to come to a conclusion on whose song we would end up going for, below is both our pitches that we presented to each other.

My choice : Ivan B – Sweaters

Noah’s choice : Lewis Capaldi – Bruises

Overall, we ended going for Noah’s song due to the fact it was easier to perform and execute due to Noah having the resources and location for us to use in addition to the genre of Indie matching the location. We have the ideas which are in Noah’s pitch to use a greenhouse, piano and the rest are in the pitch to utilise the location and resources that we have to imply the feeling of the consequences of a one sided breakup.