Web Page Draft One and Final draft with what has changed

This is our Web Page Draft One of our website.



Based on the feedback that we received from our teacher these are our targets we have compiled together :

  • Create some news articles
  • Insert our mission statement in our bio
  • Delete unnecessary links and social media icons
  • Include some different shots that we’ve taken
  • Hype our album and music video more, also including the digipak for hyping up the album

Now based on the Feedback we have made changes to our website, here is the updated site :

The feedback which we were given we took on board and made change to our website, the changes we made were :

  • Implemented our digipak more thoroughly on our website.
  • Included a gallery of our artist, which gives more inside on his life.
  • Included many more different images as part of the gallery.
  • Included a news page with some headlines.
  • Implemented our mission statement as part of the ‘about’/bio section of the artist.

Overall, with the feedback given we were pleased with the outcome of our website.



Website Previous Students Work

For the creation of our very own Website, in this task we were asked to look at a previous students Website, this task will be beneficial for us when creating our own Websiye as we will be able to see how they’ve constructed there own Website and ultimately help us construct ours.

The website I have chosen to analyse is the website for ‘The XX’ which is present below :

I will analyse this work against 5 different criteria to ensure I have met the requirements of this task.


In terms of accessibility as the The XX are an actual indie pop band it was hard to access this website in particular which is understandable as The XX would more than likely have a number of websites and social medias on the internet thus not being able to access this website easily and wasn’t very accessible.


This website is very easy to navigate, when you click on the navigation bar and click on whatever you like it smoothly transitions to the desired page, in addition, you can also scroll down on the home page to the desired section which follows chronologically with with the navigation bar, however the merchandise page is the only which takes you to a new window which isn’t an issue at all and the merchandise page is presented very smartly and neatly thus being able to navigate with ease. In terms of layout it is clear and simple to use and the pages aren’t complex and stuffed with content so to speak which I appreciate thus being very easy to navigate. In addition, to the social media icons being frozen at the right so when you scroll it moves along with it, which mean it doesn’t overlap with anything and is well structured.


The information that I was able find about the Band which is the star in this case was found on the ‘About’ section, what told this me about the band was what genre that they are being indie pop, also where the band was formed being in London in there actual high school. Other information that I was able to find was the band’s tour dates which was useful for the audience if they wanted to go see the band. However, there could still more information provided for example more about the individual band members and telling the audience more about themselves individually, in addition, to more media in terms of music videos for example which is what they are essentially all about which I thought they could’ve implemented in. Also under the ‘Media’ section I was also able to find more about the band with the images which were provided and was able to get more of a feel of there band’s personality with that.


With the website and music video I believe that they share a good correlation in terms of color scheme and the genre of indie pop is evidently portrayed throughout elements such as the mise-en scene in terms of costume conventional of the genre , the color palette with the implementation of vibrant colors. However, I believe that an issue is that between the music video and images of the band which is is under the ‘About’ section is that the performer isn’t the same as the one which is shown to us in the images which overall doesn’t work or make sense altogether. In terms of the digipak, I do believe that they have successfully portrayed the brand image throughout the digipak however because of this very reason the design is very similar to the actual album cover’s of ‘The XX’ thus they haven’t been creative with there digipak design I believe.


In terms of how the website fulfills the audiences uses and gratifications from Blumler and Katz I believe that does provide the information required to the audience, for example, it does inform the audience about the tour dates for the band, and a little section about the band however, I don’t believe this a sufficient amount for the audience, the website I believe could include more about the individuals in the band themselves. In addition, it could also include some more information about there albums, latest releases/tracks, which could then lead on for the audience if they want to purchase the album via the merchandise page.

In terms of personal identity the website fulfills the audiences uses and gratifications via the ability for them to purchase merchandise and have that identity of being a supporter, a follower, a fan or whatever they want to it be thus creating a personal identity for the audience, the merchandise available includes hats, posters, CD/album, tank tops, t-shits and bags, which is a number of items that the audience can you use to shape there personal identity.

In terms of social interaction the website does allow the audience to reach the band via the social medias which is present with the icons of the relative media’s on the right bar on the site, whatever social media suits the audience they able to interact with the band via those platforms.

In terms of entertainment the only thing present is the music video itself on the front page, that’s it which is why I believe that they’ve included more entertainment which could be in the form of just audio tracks, or even videos showing more in depth about the individuals themselves there background and more.






Web Page Conventions

We now have to create our web page for our artist, after finishing creating a music video and Digipak. Before creating this web page, we had to research and plan, which enabled us to discover what types of images, features, and conventions are visually present on our website, and how this complies with the artist and their brand. AIDA (attraction, interest, desire and action) is a key concept to factor in when creating a website, and it is important that this is consistently maintained whilst doing so. We must also use the pull and push theory, and apply Blumler and Katz ‘Uses and Gratifications’ (for example information or personal identity), which must be consistently embedded through our website. This would ensure that our target audience will go and visit our website consistently, and support the artists brand image as a whole.