Evaluation of web design application

In terms of the process of web design application, there is a lot of things that I have learnt on this process of web design making, with using Wix it wasn’t a site that I was familiar with, however it was a platform that i have heard of before, there were elements that I found were difficult to comprehend at first but gradually got a grasp of for example, how crucial the tabs were on the left of the website creator, this was the core of the website and all elements that I wished to implement on the website came from ‘Add Apps’ section of the bar, an example of me using this feature was on the tour dates table where I was required to use ‘add apps’ and use an add on app to add the tour table in as seen in the image below.


Also features which I found were pretty straightforward was to add media in this instance from YouTube it was pretty easy to use link from the video and paste it in to the media tab, in addition, to adding text was simple as many interfaces by adding in text boxes and typing in the desired text. Also adding in images the options were simple to do by adding in images and uploading them from the computer then adding the image in. In addition, some other features which helped us convey our genre of indie pop and star image was the fonts that we used, there was a variety to chose from however we knew what was conventional of our genre and chose the appropriate font which help us convey our genre, we were also able to convey our star via our merchandise page which we created and portrayed our items conventional to our genre.

Overall, I found the web design interface simple and easy to use, and enjoyed creating our website on the platform.

Production Skills

For our digpak production we used a variety of skills in order for us to construct our digipak, we used Photoshop to edit and manipulate our photos, for our front and back covers we applied filters/layers in photoshop, first of all will used a black and white gradient map which we applied to give more depth to the image in terms of color aesthetically it looked pleasing to the eye in contrast to the original, in addition to this we implemented a gradient fill, which made the image black to transparent from bottom to top which can be seen visually on our front cover. Lastly, we included an exposure layer to give the image a bit more exposure but not too much which enabled us to portray this lost isolated feel which the color black as synonyms of.

In Adobe InDesign for the construction of our digipak we used a template for it so we had the right dimensions and was conventional for the digipak, in addition, the template came with the spines also so were efficiently able to implement the conventional elements of the digipak, also in terms of text we were able to play around with the text to either space it out, change size, and even the type of text, which we believe portrayed our genre of indie pop via the font and text style.


Feedback on Mock up and Targets

We were sent out to ask our peers on what they thought the genre was for our digipak from our digipak photo mock-up and received feedback from them on our digipak. In terms of what genre visually our peers thought of our digipak 4/11 thought it was Indie Pop which was our genre this shows us we are doing something right and are on the right as the majority chose that genre. However, we had some peers chose classic rock, we could see how they would comprehend this because of the dark color palette and the low and dark exposure on our images, we would have to consider this on our final product so essentially people are not misguided by our digipak and think the totally wrong genre which is something that we don’t want.

Many people thought in terms of the adjectives that we listed and asked them to tick which adjective out of the list they thought described our digipak best was the majority chose ‘loss’ followed by ‘love’ we were happy with this outcome as that’s what’s associated we our digipak and wanted our peers to chose, which yet again shows that were doing something right, other highly chosen adjectives which are relevant with our theme of the digipak being ‘sad, intense’ which were the main chosen which also describes our digipak.


  • Give the image a little bit more exposure
  • Potentially play around with content on image

Our Mission Statement

Who is the audience?

  • The audience we are looking to target in term of demographics consist of the age range of female’s between the ages of 18-24, and have spare in terms of money is less than £125 which they can use to consume media and entertainment.
  • The media our audience consumes is they enjoy series programs in addition to comedy movies, they also enjoy other music artists in pop and obviously indie in terms of genre examples include Taylor Swift and Rihanna.
  • The pyschographics of our audience that we aim to target consist of people who are involved and have interest in the main stream media, and with beliefs, the majority of our audience are on the left wing in terms of the political spectrum.

A call to action?

  • The way that we aim to achieve engagement with our audience is via social media prominently, they would receive all updates first and live on social media, this way we believe would be the most efficient way to communicate with our audience.
  • The way that we aim our audience to invest money for our artist is via sales coming from merchandise, albums being online or physical copies, and via social media channel being views on YouTube or plays on Spotify for example.

Who are the competition?

  • Three similar bands/artists consist of Dean Lewis, Bon Iver and Bastille.
  • Trends between album designs of similar artists are elements such as the simplicity of the designs for example just simple plain text with a significant meaning image in the backdrop, and a simple color palette not consisting of many colors.
  • The website is themed and branded to the colors of the latest album released this way they are more efficient in promoting the recent album release. In addition, to having all conventional content, for example buying tickets, dates of concerts/tours, social media links, and the online site to purchase merchandise.

Our USP (Unique Selling Point) :

  • Finn Wolfhard is upcoming to the music scene however it won’t take long with his talent to leave a legacy behind.
  • The star image of Finn is conventional to the genre of indie, in terms of mise-en scene costumes for Finn would be shirt,braces, black shoes and trousers, and with Finn new conventions will be based on him and further down the line he will be the definition of extraordinary with his talent. However, his life was basic before his fame and has is grateful and will never forget his upbringing being typical like the majority of people, thus this way he will be able to connect with his audience on another level.

Our mission statement :

Finn, so talented they had to give him two N’s. He cuts through the charts like a finn through water. Eccentric, exciting, energetic, 3 words that give him justice. He’s down to earth and has a universal appeal, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground but still able to fly. Inclusive of his audience and inspired by love. You’ve never seen an indie artist this fun.


Production Skills Evaluation 2

Since my previous evaluation post I have learnt much more about production skills for the making of my music video.

A new design skill that I have learnt is how to add color corrections to our video, playing around with the color and also preset filters were also available at our disposal for us to use and implement. With this we were able to convey themes and feeling via the colors that we choose, for example an orange/red color can suggest an autumnal feel to the video. We were able to do this by clicking on the lumetri color tab which is shown in the picture below, once selected we chose our desired correction and applied it on the video clip, this skill allowed us to construct and portray our video to imply feelings to our video.

Since last time we had Lenny Lenfestey come in who is an expert in Adobe Premiere Pro and gave us some tips and advice for our music video. The tips that he gave Noah and I was the use of adjustment layers, he taught us that we could put adjustment layers on top of our video, we could make adjustments to this layer and things which could be done is change the color of the clip and apply effects which would be specific to the length of the layer/clip on the timeline. How we did this is in our video was that we applied a crop/black bars to the top and bottom of the whole video, how we did this and how it looks is present below, the crop is conventional of a music video thus our video complying with music video conventions.

We also changed the speed of the clip in the music video, we were able to do this by right clicking on the specific video clip then clicked on speed/duration as which can be seen in the image below, and then by changing the speed to give off a slow motion effect by doing this. This portrays an elegant look to our female performer with the slow motion effect of which we were aiming to achieve.

We also did this echo effect, we were able to know about this by searching for tutorials and videos on youtube for how we could enhance our music video, and this came up. We applied this effect by searching for ‘echo’ in the effects tab and then we applied it by dragging it on the clip and thus we were able to achieve this look. This worked well for our product as it gave off this flashback and visually looked that there were two of him therefore giving this dual ‘echo’ effect.


We also did a text intro for our music video, we felt that this was conventional of a music video and thus we felt it was correct to implement this is our music video, we did this by clicking the ‘T’ button which is the text tool, then clicked on the video and created a text box with the tool and entered in the text and changed the font, size and so on. Then to create a fade in and out for the text we went on the opacity under the effect controls tab and created key frames so the text would have 0% opacity at a certain time and 100% at another time thus creating a fade affect.

Overall, I am content and happy with the skills that I have learnt, this will ensure that I will use all my skills from my side to create the best music video I possibly can, I have extended and furthered my knowledge of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro which will enable me to ensure that our music video is conventional, and aesthetically pleasing visually.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

This is my first evaluation on my production skills on the media production of my music video, during this process I have learnt a lot especially on Adobe Premiere Pro.

First of all importantly starting of for our music video we learnt to cut down shots and position them on the timeline so the clip changes with the beat, we were able to effectively do this by on the timeline we could see the audio graph of where the audio drops, speeds up etc, from this were able the start the clip and drag it on the drop and consistently do this, in addition to ensuring that the lip sync of our male performer was synced to the lyrics which came from the similar technique of cutting and positioning of the clips as previously stated, this helped me technically develop my skills in Premiere Pro, below is a screenshot of me in edit achieving this :


Some new skills that I have learnt is how to stabilize our video, for example we shot clips, they were unstable and could be seen visually on the video, then we learnt about ‘Warp Stabilizer’ by which we were able to stabilize our video, we did this by :

Searching ‘warp’ in the effects tab in the top right corner

Then finding ‘Warp Stabilizer’ under the distort folder

Then dragging it on the clip in the timeline that we wanted

This helped us significantly on our product as it enabled or video visually to be conventional being steady and professional. Also we identified color corrections and filters while exploring Adobe Premiere Pro, we did this by going on the color tab then under lumetri color tab which can be seen present in the picture below, with this feature we were able to implement a autumnal feel to our clip and exposed shots also which provided an elegant look to our female performer in the narrative, in addition we also implemented black and white which provides a memoric/flashback feel which we were still deciding on whether we wanted in our video, with this skill this made our music video provide meaning and conventional to our genre by implementing these effects via color corrections.

Overall, I have extended and furthered my knowledge of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro which will enable me to ensure that our music video is conventional, and aesthetically pleasing visually.