Flow Chart and Preferred Website template

After researching other music artists websites, we were able develop our understanding on the conventional layouts of a website, and this flowchart we were required to create helped us plan the navigation of our music artists website.

We decided that we had some elements on our home page to scroll down to the different section so we had the ‘Bio’, ‘Tour Dates’ and ‘Contact’ all below the fold on the home page, which we was  a simple but effective layout. However, with the other pages such as the shop and music we had them on a separate page as we felt the audience could engage with the page more efficiently if it were separated, for example, if an audience was searching for merchandise it could also lead on to social media and exploring other medias.

We then signed up to Wix.com which was our website creation platform, we endeavored in our search for template designs and found a suitable one and started creating our website.

This was our chosen template for the start of our website :

Website Terminology

We have now produced a music video and now a digipak, our next product we are now required to create is a website, in order to this it is fundamental that we understand the conventions of a website and this task required to identify them. I went out and analysed other artists websites of the same genre as ours to understand how they’ve portrayed and laid out there websites to get out what they want to there target audience which could be via technical conventions such as a leaderboard which is basically the masthead of a website which has similarities with a magazine, also similar between the two is the hero shot of a website and the main cover star which is of a magazine.