Star Image – Theirs and Mine

In the past few sessions I made a presentation on a star who represents my music magazine genre to get a feel of how a star is presented in the media. I chose Camila Cabello as I think she holds a lot of the qualities of a Latin music artist. We learnt this week about Richard Dyers ‘Paradox of the star’ theory. He suggests that a star can be both ordinary and extraordinary, a star needs to be like us an ordinary person so as an audience we can relate. However they also need to be extraordinary and possess something that we do not, to make them special. A star can also be present and absent, they exist as part of our lives and we can adapt to be like them or have our consumer habits dictated by them. But they must also be absent and out of reach so we are always following them. Camila Cabello is ordinary to us, she has a boyfriend, she goes shopping and she appears on chat shows where she talks about her life. However she is also extraordinary through performing at concerts and her talent is something we may not share. Camila Cabello is present to us through social media and chat shows, but absent through concerts and magazine articles.

Her metanarratives are portrayed through:

  • Music – her songs and lyrics
  • Performance – music videos and albums
  • Appearances – how she presents herself to her fans
  • Articles – magazines and newspapers she appears in
  • Social Media – her presence to us on social media
Please press to see full presentation

Here are some ideas for how I want my model to look:

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