Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my screen castify with targets included from my teacher.


Front Cover

  • “Fresca” needs to be bolder
  • A mission statement to be included
  • More space between cover lines
  • Change the colour of the blue flower on the denim
  • Change the Spanish cover line and rearrange
  • Mix up the fonts a little more
  • Align all the text to make it more polished

Contents Page

  • Include more of the colours from the front
  • Social media icons added
  • Swap the group photo and the photo of mario around
  • Bolder title
  • Number “31” in a bolder colour
  • Edit the line spacing
  • Add a page number
  • Continue the flowers through
  • Change the background colour
  • Add a bigger block colour around the inserts

Double Page Spead

  • Page number
  • Swap “Claudia” and “Estrella”
  • Take the top photo out and replace with a headline
  • Write who the article is by and who did the photography
  • Bold opening paragraph
  • Make sure all the hyphens are out of the article
  • Add some more quotes
  • Add a “continues on the next page”
  • Insure the page numbers are corresponding
  • Align the left and right text

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