Favourite Music Video From A Former Student

Personally my favourite video from a past student is this interpretation of Bellyache. The music video amplifies the song following a clear narrative. It follows the story of a teenage couple and the girl almost loses her mind. She can’t handle that her boyfriends attention has been swayed and things go really wrong from that point on. The acting in the video especially from Marg who is the main star in the video fits the psychopathic image that the song portrays. One of my favourite shots is the mid shot when she is looking at herself in the mirror and then makes eye contact with the camera. It is chilling especially after you know what she has done. The different splashes of colour used especially in the low shots where there is party rings covering her eyes makes the music video feel sharp in places and its almost unnerving.

The video isn’t only lip syncing and has a large element of performance to it, the framing is mostly mid shots but the relationship shots are closer to long shots where we see the whole body. The contrast of the low shots when there are bright colours and she is covering her eyes bring in a nice range and it sticks out from the rest of the music video. I would say the video is 30% performance and 70% illustration. The video amplifies the song and adds a new meaning showing a girl losing her mind and losing control of her relationship. The star is presented as out of control and close to psychotic. She wears brightly block coloured clothes and the pilot style goggles to force the star to seem odd and out of place against the real world. Like the star is desperate for attention and dresses and acts like this to desperately try to recapture her boyfriends attention. The close ups filmed where the star is lip syncing directly to the camera make the audience feel personally attached and slightly manipulated by the star.

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