A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

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This is my complete final draft of my magazine. I have added the screen castify changes and also the following:

  • Added a yellow line next to the title
  • Made “Te Quiero” on my front cover bigger and bolder
  • Changed the colour of the border to my insert on my DPS
  • Aligned all of the captions on my contents page
  • Changed the colour of “Star” on my DPS





I found three full page adverts that I think will fit really well with my magazine.

Image result for travel to spain advert

Image result for spanish music awards advert

Image result for cuco tour poster

They both relate to my genre but are very different. For the travel to Madrid advert it shows people the most beautiful parts of Spain, this can include people who have already lived there but also widens my target audience to people who aren’t from Spain. My demographic is likely to be Spanish people living in the UK or America so my magazine is also likely to be bought by other music fans or people who have been on holiday there. This will encourage people to visit and learn about Latin music.

The MTV advert shows the European music awards which were held in Seville in 2019. As there were so many different countries participating it opens up my target audience even wider. My audience are typically adventure seekers and travelers so meaning the awards are potentially being held in their home will encourage people to travel and bring friends with them they have met.

Cuco is a famous Latin music artist who incorporates both English and Spanish into his songs. He is very popular in western music as well as the typical Latin music genre so will reach wider target audience and draw more people into reading the magazine. It also means my readers have a shared interest in what they are reading and possibly planning on going to.

A New Improved Contents Page

This is the first draft of my contents page:

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Below is my new design:

I asked a peer for some feedback on my new improved contents page:

This feedback from my peer has given my a new perspective, as they were someone who had never seen my magazine before. I will use this feedback along with my teachers to create a better magazine. Some of the main points that stood out were.

  • To change some of the colour lines to be based more around music
  • To change some of the colours of the page numbers to make them more visible
  • Create some bigger and brighter colours.

Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my screen castify with targets included from my teacher.


Front Cover

  • “Fresca” needs to be bolder
  • A mission statement to be included
  • More space between cover lines
  • Change the colour of the blue flower on the denim
  • Change the Spanish cover line and rearrange
  • Mix up the fonts a little more
  • Align all the text to make it more polished

Contents Page

  • Include more of the colours from the front
  • Social media icons added
  • Swap the group photo and the photo of mario around
  • Bolder title
  • Number “31” in a bolder colour
  • Edit the line spacing
  • Add a page number
  • Continue the flowers through
  • Change the background colour
  • Add a bigger block colour around the inserts

Double Page Spead

  • Page number
  • Swap “Claudia” and “Estrella”
  • Take the top photo out and replace with a headline
  • Write who the article is by and who did the photography
  • Bold opening paragraph
  • Make sure all the hyphens are out of the article
  • Add some more quotes
  • Add a “continues on the next page”
  • Insure the page numbers are corresponding
  • Align the left and right text

Draft Of Content Page

This is my first draft of my contents page. I have gone for a simplistic design and used some of my own images to add content to the magazine.

Student Feedback:

  •  Some of the colours are difficult to read against the background
  • Add something to the background
  • Nice colour scheme and layout

Teacher Feedback:

  • More cover lines
  • Captions on the photos
  • Some graphic items to make it pop

A New Improved DPS

Please click the image to see a clearer PDF

Whats New?

  • I have changed the background colour to a colder tone to bring more attention to the star
  • I added the Estrella with the image of Claudia behind it to frame the article
  • I placed the pictures in different locations the rearrange the layout of my article
  • I changed the fonts to just a basic black to make it easier to read

Whats Next?

  • I would like to try a different layout of my magazine to see what else I can do with the spacing
  • Add page numbers

What Is A Contents Page?

Before I can make my own contents page I have to do some research on a typical contents page. A contents page is typically used to give an idea to the reader of where articles are in the magazine and allow them to read exactly what they want without having to search for what they bought the magazine for. Content pages are usually on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages as the first inside page of a magazine is usually used for advertising.

Technical Conventions:

  • Page numbers
  • Feature titles
  • Image’s
  • Graphic illustrations and design
  • Hyperbole and superlatives in headlines
  • Reminder of magazine name and mission statement
  • Editors note

Here are 5 possible feature titles i could use in my magazine:

Mario’s secret hobby

Claudia’s big break

The festivals you need to book now! 

How to become a star

Shocking look into Mario’s million dollar home


We also designed a basic idea of the layout of our contents page, as seen below.


Feedback and Reflection on Draft DPS

This is my first draft of my double page spread. I like it as it is bright and flamboyant which fits really well with my genre. However I don’t think that the pink that is consistent throughout is the best for my genre of magazine. I would like to choose a more mellow or colder colour to draw more attention to the star herself. I think that I could change the layout to create a more successful DPS. Claudia looks relaxed as she is wearing very casual, summery clothes but also looks glamorous and captivating so the audience still has something to aspire to and follow.

Teacher Feedback:

Mrs Cobb – Change the fonts and use more colours. Add another word with an image inside to frame the article.

Student Feedback:

Will wants something else in the background and change the font. Fullstop after “Dreaming”.


  • Change my fonts so be lessed curved and sharper
  • Add more texture to the design
  • Edit the strobe on the text

A New Improved Feature Article

With my feedback from my previous draft I was able to improve and add to my article:

Please click for a clearer PDF

I added a few more paragraphs to my article to further develop the character of Mario, I followed all of my peer targets to create a better flowing and more entertaining article.

My target for the next draft is to focus even more on my target audience and give them exactly what they would want to read.