Test Shoots

This is our test shoot for our music video, we did this in the lecture theater at our school so we could get a feel for mise-en-scene and the shots we wanted to get and like. It also allowed us to get a feel for Premier Pro and a first chance to edit a lip syncing piece as our first experience was on vimeo during lockdown.

What Went Well:

  • A good range of shots
  • We added filters and edited colouring to reinforce mise-en-scene
  • It is well lip synced
  • A good editing pace

Targets For Our Next Shoot:

  • Get an even wider range and number of shots
  • Make the workload more even
  • Make sure the camera is always focused
  • Be more adventurous with the editing and try more things
  • Make the father figure more present and represent it better

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Below is my first attempt at creating a video that includes lip syncing. I used WeVideo to create this music video which is an online video editing software. It was my first time using the software but I found it pretty easy and will continue to use it in the future. Whilst doing this task I learnt that it is important for the star of the video to fit the image of the voice of the original singer. The image of the star has to fit the voice of the star or it can completely throw the music video off track. For example I couldn’t have used one of the boys lip syncing to Lady Gaga’s voice unless it was done in a deliberate way that added to the concept of the video. In future I would like to try using other video editing softwares such as PremierPro to see which I prefer.

What Went Well:

  • I used a variety of different shots and angles
  • I used more than one star
  • A large amount of the video is very well synced

Even Better If:

  • My introductory part was better synced
  • I used more shots.

Preliminary Task Mood Montage

“The best things in life are free” is our chosen subject for our mood montage. We want the audience to see that the partnering theme is happiness and fun or peacefulness and calm.

We were put into groups of 3 or 4 and asked to produce a montage between 40-60 seconds. Once we had made the storyboard above we went around sixth form as a group to film the clips, we used Lauren’s camera to do this. We uploaded all of the clips to the computer and the google drive before we used premier pro to edit them. We put music in the background to fully achieve the calming feel.

What Went Well:

  • We used a variety of shots and models
  • The colour filter we used make it very aesthetically pleasing
  • The track we chose fits well with our theme

Even Better If:

  • Our first clip didn’t get cut down by the export
  • We added a title at the beginning
  • We managed to get more shots to up the pace of the montage

I think the meaning of our montage is a mixture of kindness and friendship and how they pair with eachother so well. Lots of the shots we took here wouldn’t be possible without friendships. I don’t think our montage follows a specific story other than we see the 2 guys throughout the montage, we thought it would be better to avoid a story for our first editing task so we could get a feel of the software without stressing out if it makes complete sense. At 0.03 in the video we see the run and cut to a hug, this shows that the boys are very close and use eachother as support. It also symbolizes that they will do anything for eachother even if it means running to them to make sure they’re ok. There is not a sense of progression in our montage for the same reason that we don’t follow a story, it is consistently happy and following the same mood throughout. The shots that we use vary throughout but we mostly come back to a mid shot it gives a point of view and draw the watcher into the mood and vibe of the montage. I would have really liked to include a tracking shot when Mal (one of the models) is running just to slightly increase the pace and add diversity to the shots.