Language Analysis

Structure of the article…

The article begins with the journalist discussing the meaning of the album name and a bit of background context and history of the artist and previous albums. Following this, the writer goes on to break down and analyse the album itself and the tracks that are featured on it. They explain the meaning the artist is trying to convey through her music and lyrics and their meaning.

Are we aware of the presence of the journalist…

The reader of the article is aware that the journalist is present because they are conveying their opinions of the album that they are reviewing, and is breaking down the lyrics of the songs and their meaning, but this is the journalists interpretation of the meanings, making us aware of the presence. Knowing that the journalist is present is more interesting as it shows are more subjective side to the story as it is opinionated, and with the writer speaking directly to the reader makes the article far more entertaining.

What is your sense of the location / event / person that the journalist is writing about and how is this achieved…

The type of words that the journalist uses are adjectives that describe the songs lyrics, this creates an impression that it is his subjective opinion of the music and artist. Similes and metaphors are used to help describe the meaning of the song. As an example, in the article, the journalist says, “it feels like her first dishonest step” to describe the lyric. The journalist is speaking directly towards the audience giving all the information they have gathered to the audience. The quotes that are used are to reference song lyrics in the album. What the reader will experience from this article is that they will be amazed by the amount of hidden secrets that are in the lyrics and it would make that audience want to buy the album and listen to the hidden messages, it would also make the audience have social interactions because they would want to talk about the things they just discovered. The journalist uses very western language, for example ‘rodeo’, which is a contest in which cowboys show their skill at riding broncos. the journalist also speaks in the first person because they are saying their own opinion of the album.

In conclusion the journalist represents this album as a typical country album that has interesting things about the artist that are hidden in the music and promotes the album so more people can listen to it and agree or disagree with their opinion of the album.



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