Draft 4 Feedback and targets

  1. Main cover star image is too stretched (needs fixing)
  2. Line spacing of “Mamma Mia” is different, needs to be changed
  3. Needs changing from “This Month” to “Next Month”
  4. A price needs to be added
  5. Separate cover lines out
  6. Change position of the “Brits’ caption
  7. “Exclusive interview” needs to be more connected with”Lilli Rose”


  1. Multiple images of the same artist is not conventional
  2. The ‘contents’ needs to be better organised
  3. Background needs changing


  1. Take down opacity of background
  2. Flower image above main photo is not necessary
  3. Possibly room for another quote
  4. Add in tbe photographer
  5. Align the bottom insert with the text

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