Prelim Continuity Task

I have applied a variety of camera angles and shots in order to create a sense of setting and understanding the context of what is happening in the video, such as: a mid-shot, which is to establish the contents of the room (including the actors), a close-up, to capture the actor’s expressions and emotion that they’re feeling in the action, also, it makes them feel as if they’re watching from the other actor’s point of view, match on action is to give the audience a sense of understanding and a different view so it doesn’t get repetitive.

180 degree rule (which is when you make sure that the camera does not go past the line of action amidst the people/things in shot).

In order to create pace, as the conversation begins to get heated I have edited that part to have fast changing shots to and from each actor. In result of this, it makes the audience feel more on edge and tense.

Continuity editing helps to condense time, space and action.

What I have most recently learnt is very important for when I am editing videos; which is continuity editing rules, these rules such as the shot reverse shot and match on action. This rule is to show fluidity and consistency, and most importantly to make sure that the audience doesn’t get confused.

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