Evaluation of Previous Student’s Music Video

Holding a shot steady – Lower Level 3

In this music video, there are various moments of instability which takes away from the overall image of the video, for example, the first few shots of the field are quite shaky but this is not purposeful for effect. However, the remainder of the video there is clear use of a tripod, for example the studio-based performance sections, this allows the viewer to concentrate on the faces of the singers.

Framing a shot – Lower Level 3

There are various examples in this video where interesting and imaginative angles are used, for example when the camera slowly backs out of the door giving a wide-shot. However, the variety is widely limited when throughout the studio-based performance sections, only mid-shots and close-ups are used. It may be arguable that these were done for effect but this makes it lack interest.

Variety of shot distances – Upper Level 2

There is frequent use of a close-up, primarily in the performance sections, however there are not many various other shot distances found in the video. There is some use of mid-shot and the artificial shot at the very end of the airport is good, but there is simply not enough variety of shots.

Appropriate to Task – Lower Level 3

After final production, it does look like a professionally produced product, especially the final shot of the airport, however due to the lack of shot distances and holding a shot unsteady, the professionalism lacks.

Mise-en-scene Selection – Lower Level 4

All of the clothing, hair, and make-up used were appropriate to the narrative of a video game so the mise-en-scene was particularly good. There were also variety in the clothing for each location/character, which made differentiation easy and also more interesting.

Editing for Meaning – Upper Level 3

The narrative was complete by the end of the video, including the results of the ‘game’, the order of events made sense chronologically. The pacing was of high-quality and the continuity was effective.

Shot Transitions – Lower Level 3

The transition at the end of the video into the ‘airport animation’ and ‘results board’ was incredibly smooth and effective to signal the end of the narrative. The edit in most places fit well to the beat of the song however could seem jumpy in places.

Sound with Images – Lower Level 4

The sound is, for the most part, perfectly synced with the video. The lip-syncing is of high-quality and never really slacks. The movement in the ‘performance’ sections were well choreographed with the music however there were minor anomalies here which let down the level slightly.


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