Pitch + Feedback

  • Get a clearer idea of what the narrative is
  • Whether we should use 3 people or 4 people
  • Maybe choose a simpler to get to location
  • Make sure to get permissions
  • Likes the idea of the lead singer being the main character for the narrative
  • Do not over complicate the narrative

Final Song Choice

We decided, even though our individual pitches were strong in their own right, to choose a completely new song and create a new pitch, this was because we simply could not decide which song to choose. Instead, we are going to combine ideas and narratives from each of the original pitches. This song was appropriate to use because of its explicit meaning and the fact it matched with the similar themes of the original songs.

Song Short List and Moodboards


As there are five members of the group, there shall be five set locations highlighted in the box to the left, each of these will feature their own set narratives which will all converge in the final chorus for a performance in the underground hospital. One idea for a narrative would feature one of the women, ‘flying’ away from her problems, this location, we are fortunate enough to have a friend who flies a private plane, who we could film with. Another, taken from a friend’s video narrative, would be to use masks to hide the ‘normality of music’, so the women singing in town would be the only one without a mask, showing the individuality of the song. The narrative for the group will all coincide with each other at the end of the song, each ending up with the same gloomy atmosphere of being isolated, however through the power of music, they and the band all group together and turn the mood around for the final chorus.


A perspective of a man who sees ‘the world going mad’ around him and starts blaming himself for them . This happens because of mixed messages sent to him that predict future disasters that actually happen in the real world. The performer is the main character of the narrative. It all ends when the man loses control of his life and opens a body bag with himself in it.


Portraying the idea that people use music as an ‘escape’ from life and usually when they are listening to music they don’t see their surroundings as clearly. This narrative would portray that in a more enhanced way using colours and people in masks to show that some people see the world differently when they are distracted with music.

Perfect Production Group

Here follows our group production contract:

This document is important to be filled out because it is incredibly useful to know who is available when to shoot, and also who has what skills available.