Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Here follows our performance shoot, which was at a bunker in the south-west of the island. Attendants were myself, Andre, Lilli, and our actors, Jack and Dan.

We took these photos to demonstrate how and what we were filming from different angles:

  • Firstly, we guaranteed we had our three main coverage shots, the mid-shot, the close-up and the long shot. This allowed us to confidently have at least some variety.
  • We then experimented with different types of shots to get even more coverage to make our performance more fast paced and exciting.
  • For our ‘stage’ set, we used the front area of the bunker, and for a close-up we used the doorway and the vocalist.
  • We then moved around the location to get a wider variety of backgrounds.

The shoot as a whole was overall quite successful as we get a wide range of shots, angles and all performance aspects were filled. There were a few issues such as the lack of a drum kit however we worked around it by making it a two-man performance.

  • In order to have improved our shoot we could have been more organised with equipment by making an official plan of who was bringing what, and how each item was transported.
  • If we had more time we could have done more experimental shots and angles to make the performance section more interesting.

Star Image Planning

Here are a few moodboards to show the star image of our band. They seem from their physical appearance quite dedicated to their music but also quite edgy yet stylish. Their twitter account shows them off to be quite light-hearted and friendly/connected to their fans:

This activity was essential to complete before our shoot as it made us develop new ideas about different poses, facial expressions, costume and hair/makeup and how they would affect the overall star image.

Risk Assessment

Here is our risk assessment for our performance shoot. This is necessary to be carried out for health and safety reasons, but also so we can anticipate the problems and overcome them more easily.


Genre Conventions Analysis

Here follows a voicethread of our genre conventions analysis, outlining the repertoire of elements (mise-en-scene, naratives and performance) of the genre.

In this presentation, we have developed our knowledge of the conventions of the pop-rock genre so that we have a better understanding of the mise-en-scene and other elements included so we can match our video to fit within the general conventions. To do so, we have also looked into other videos of the same genre that has similar attributes to what we want to include in our music video, such as the artist Avril Lavigne who includes a punchy costume and powerful themes in her videos to further develop her lyrics, and also different angles used, such as a low-angle to show her dominance.

Completing this task has helped us keep the elements of our video within the realms of our genre however we can then push the boundaries to challenge the conventions to make the video more exciting and unexpected.



Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We received some feedback on our pitch from the Specsaver’s creative team:

  1. We need to get a clearer idea of what the narrative is, this may include setting out a rigid structure to be able to film effectively.
  2. We need to decide wether we should use 3 people or 4 people as our band, as this needs to be organised to make sure everyone turns up on time and in the right place.
  3. Find a more easily accessible location to use, as in order to use a place like the Underground Hospital would require permission.
  4. The idea of the lead singer being the main character for the narrative gained a positive reception as it is more simple and allows the performance and narrative to cross over and converge more easily.
  5. The post-production idea of flashing back and forth, however this is quite challenging to time with the music, here I have found an online tutorial of how:

Production Meeting Agenda for Performance Shoot

Here follows a Production Meeting Agenda for our performance shoot. The purpose of completing this was to be organised for the day, so we knew what each person was responsible for e.g. costume and props. Otherwise, the shoot would fail due to not having/wearing the correct equipment.

Permission from Artist

Here follows a tweet sent asking permission to use their song, the purpose of this was to be able to use the song that we want for the music video and not get it deleted as I know there are copyright laws, which means that I don’t have the right to use their song for my personal use (the music video).

Visual Shot List for Performance Shoot

We completed this visual shot list to ensure ample coverage is collected using various different shot techniques, movement and angles, this would make the video far more interesting and exciting to watch because there would be a wide variety of differences.

Test Shoots

Here follows 2o seconds of our song which we filmed and edited as a test shoot, the purpose of this was to practice filming and editing a music video, but also to gain some ideas of various angles and potential ideas we could use in our final video. We learned the importance of coverage, and how filming everything from various angles helps to make a more exciting and interesting video when it comes to the edit.


  1. Find a wider range of locations to use but this will be easier when we have access to more areas.
  2. Another would be to make sure all edits are to the beat.
  3. Ensure some shots aren’t shown for too long as these can become relatively dull.
  4. The end was hard to transition out of so this may need to be changed.
  5. Some of the quickly-transitioning flashes were to nothing (the walking past had already ended) so this could have been better edited.
  6. When the three shots were shown at once, give it a better background as the black is rather boring.


  1. A large range of angles and framing was used.
  2. Lip-syncing was in time and edited appropriately to the music.
  3. Fast-editing was well done and in time to the music.
  4. Fade in from blur was well shot.