Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Here follows our performance shoot, which was at a bunker in the south-west of the island. Attendants were myself, Andre, Lilli, and our actors, Jack and Dan.

We took these photos to demonstrate how and what we were filming from different angles:

  • Firstly, we guaranteed we had our three main coverage shots, the mid-shot, the close-up and the long shot. This allowed us to confidently have at least some variety.
  • We then experimented with different types of shots to get even more coverage to make our performance more fast paced and exciting.
  • For our ‘stage’ set, we used the front area of the bunker, and for a close-up we used the doorway and the vocalist.
  • We then moved around the location to get a wider variety of backgrounds.

The shoot as a whole was overall quite successful as we get a wide range of shots, angles and all performance aspects were filled. There were a few issues such as the lack of a drum kit however we worked around it by making it a two-man performance.

  • In order to have improved our shoot we could have been more organised with equipment by making an official plan of who was bringing what, and how each item was transported.
  • If we had more time we could have done more experimental shots and angles to make the performance section more interesting.

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