Narrative Development

This is a three point structure for the narrative section of our music video, featured in this, we have descriptions of each part of the narrative including the ideas and themes explored in each section, how the story would be progressed in that section and what will we show to demonstrate what is happening. Our narrative structure is ‘amplified’, this is when the narrative, whilst inspired by the song, adds a narrative element to complement the subject matter of the song. It is a combination video which is a mixture of performance and narrative to relatively a 50/50 split, and the performer has an active role in the narrative.

In the beginning, we see a close up of him unzipping his rucksack before he heads out for the day, this is showing the uncertainty of the journey the character is about to embark upon, he is also stood in a mirror, a masked man is poised behind him. The middle section, which is the disequilibrium of the story, of the narrative will show the character getting increasingly more paranoid as he beings to notice the masked man around him. He is starting to move closer to him in the mirror. In the end section, the main character finally becomes possessed by the masked figure in the mirror.

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