Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The following is a narrative evaluation for our narrative shoot, which took place at our actor Jack’s house, followed by Candie Gardens. These locations we felt were appropriate because firstly his house is a natural setting for his daily life and would reflect a somewhat ‘normal’ homelife. Then, the journey through Candie Gardens was easier to film because it is not too busy, meaning filming was quite easy but also it had some aesthetic backgrounds to contrast with his chaotic life.

  • At the house, we filmed the narrative chronologically so that we did not miss anything necessary.
  • We then got close-ups including match-on-action of the door handle, this allows us to have more coverage and more interesting shots.
  • Once we had finished this, we began the ‘side-narrative’ of him being approached at the mirror in his living room.
  • Following on, we moved locations to Candie Gardens, and had him journey through the area. This proved difficult at times due to it being lunchtime and several workers choose to have their lunch here, however we worked efficiently to get it all done.
  • Here, we got as many different backgrounds as possible to make cutting between shots seem like many locations were used, this will make the video much more interesting to watch.
  • These are some photos that we took of the group filming in the two locations.

This shoot was overall a success. We filmed for coverage and attained as many good shots as possible, so if another shoot was required it would not take long. We achieved the filming of the whole narrative we required and in the time frame so this was pleasing. In order for it to have gone even better we could:

  • Have had a clearer plan of what we wanted to do so that we could have gotten even more variety of shots and done it even quicker.
  • We could have visited the area beforehand and had an idea of exactly what we wanted to shoot and where we wanted to shoot it. This would of given us maximum time and we could have achieved more.

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