Music Video Draft 3

Here is our third draft for the music video:

We had some commented feedback:

Targets acquired:

  1. Some of the performance sections have Jack looking around and not actually singing, which according to Scarlett should be replaced with narrative scenes. However, we feel that it is good to have as it shows his paranoia follows him everywhere.
  2. An aspect we can add in using post-production skills is a slow motion which may help to build up him turning into the masked man, as this build-up is not entirely clear.
  3. Faster edits is another target set and we will work to make this happen because it reflects the tempo of the song.
  4. Include after effects, such as echo, to make the video look more professional.
  5. Lip syncing can be improved and matched slightly better in places.
  6. The smoke effect needs to be improved or removed because it does not seem professional at the moment and almost seems trivial. It makes it harder to see his face in places so needs to be edited.
  7. The narrative structure needs to be clearer as at the moment it does not seem to make that much sense. Build up is needed towards the man being the masked man, at the moment it just seems like a “plot twist”.

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