Our Mission Statement

Who is our Target Audience?

Our target audience is a mixture of both genders but slightly veering towards being female heavy

Who are the competition?

Other Singers/Bands in the Pop/Rock/Punk genre that target similar target audience and demographic

Your Unique selling point?

Our star is just starting out in the music industry by releasing their first album and are different to the current styling of punk bands, they have elements of pop and rock mixed in, which set them aside from other bands such as Fall Out Boy, who conform to the conventions of the genre

A Call to Action

The audience will be expected to engage through means of streaming services and purchase the songs/albums through iTunes, Spotify, and other related music platform, but also through means of purchasing tickets to live concerts etc

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to fuse the world of pop, punk, and rock together, creating the ultimate combination of elements, linking us and our fans in an insanely ‘dancey-headbanging’ connection. In order to do this, we stay one-hundred-percent dedicated and loyal to our fans to take them on the greatest musical journey possible.

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