Feedback on mock-up and targets

We did a short survey on what genre each person thought our digipack was and what themes or ideas came to mind when looking at it, based on our first mock-up. Here follows the results:

As shown from the survey, the majority of people believed our digipak was of the rock genre followed closely behind by punk and pop. The genre we were assuming people would think was punk and or pop, as this reflects the genre of our music video song “Why Worry”. The highest level response of feeling was one of ‘grunge’ followed by ‘rebellious’. This was a positive response as being rebellious reflects our punk genre perfectly, however the analysis of the work ‘grunge’, is slightly too extreme to fit in with the conventions of pop, so I think our digipack is venturing too far into rock/metal.

In order to improve our digipack to suit our genre better, I think we need to correct some of the images used. The fish parts and related give connotations of death and extremity, which do not reflect our genre very well. Other examples of punk/pop-punk digipacks often include an element of pop art, so we could easily incorporate this. Another aspect we could change could be the font to give more of a pop-punk impression, maybe with the use of serifs to created more of an attitude around the words.

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