Production Skills Evaluation 3

Here follows an evaluation of the production skills learned or developed by partaking in this project:

Displaying Font.png

The image above is the logo used for our star (used in the digipack and website), and is a key conventional element for an album front cover. This was created and developed in Adobe illustrator, which both my partner and I had never had experience in before, so we used various YouTube tutorials to learn how to develop a rugged-looking, serif-filled logo. This was a useful skill to learn because it can be transferred to all aspects of media, be it a magazine, website, newspaper etc. An alternative to have had it computer-made was to hand-draw it, however our computer skills seem more advanced than our physical artistic ability, so it made sense to learn this new skill.

This image, show above, was created with both indesign and photoshop. Once developed in photoshop with techniques already learned, such as colour correction, the image was then imported into Adobe Indesign to mix with the background. Indesign is a useful piece of software because it allows you to position your various aspects in various ways to create absolute effectiveness.

Various images, such as the one above, were created in photoshop to form some sort of ‘concept’. This concept was based around our genre and ventures into a pop-art style. Photoshop is also a really comprehensive software that is helpful in creating images and concepts such as this one, without it the task would be almost impossible, so learning how to use it is very important.


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