Website Terminology

Here are the various terms used to describe parts of a website:

  • 1) Leaderboard – this is the title of the web page which is always positioned at the top of the web page
  • 2) Hero shot – The hero shot is the frontal image of the subject of the website – be it a person or an item
  • 3) Tagline – this is where adverts are placed on the web page
  • 4) Navigation – this allows you to move around different pages on the web page
  • 5) Skyscraper –buttons on the side of the web page that are usually in a rectangle box, the buttons maybe linked to different various parts of the web page
  • 6) Main Text – the main body text that discusses the topic that web page is based on
  • 7) Above the fold – the top of the page – what appears when you first arrive at the site
  • 8) Below the fold – below what you can see when you first arrive on the page

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