Web Page Conventions

Here is our web page conventions screen castify analysis of another website:


Ben: Andre and I will be analysing the website of the artist ‘Fall Out Boy’, in preparation for making our own website. We have selected this artist, as they are similar to our own in terms of genre, and therefore are likely to share conventions of a website.


Andre: As you reach the home page, you are greeted by a large hero shot filling the majority of the screen above the fold. This has been used to engage with the audience as it draws them in, as they ask what the photo is for and what it represents. Within the hero shot is a link to stream and download the band’s latest single. Also featured here are the band name at the top left of the page, and a horizontal tab selection at the top right, acting as links to other pages. These have been positioned here for ease of access, so the viewer can easily navigate around the pages for an effective webpage experience.


Ben: As you scroll down, below the fold, you reach a large image featuring the latest album art. The title, ‘Mania’, is capitalised and is larger than the surrounding text to stand out. Below reads that the album is “out now”, and features a link of “buy the album”. These stand out as the main call-to-action, standing as the purpose of the website, to sell the latest album. At the very bottom of the page features links to various social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, which helps the fans more literally connect further with the star, as well as the links to the record company’s websites. Also featured here is the band logo, outlining a position of branding, and a brief sentence about the “Fall Out Boy Fund”, which raises money provide 20,000 elementary school kids in the Chicago area with food education.


Andre: Returning to the top, and clicking the link named ‘News’, takes you to a new page filled with information on the current events and projects the band are partaking in. On this page, a strong white background has been used in contrast to the eccentric purple and grey of the previous page, this allows the text to stand out, as well as the images, including the large hero shot at the top to show the band on tour. This page works to summarise everything on other pages including links to external sites, but also to promote the band’s live action and performances. There are some conventional repeated features on this page, including the tabs for navigation at the top and the social media links at the bottom. Moving onto the tour page, there is another large hero shot to show an impressive tour turn-out, however there are currently no upcoming tours.


Ben: Continuing on, the music page takes you to another purpose-built site to purchase the band’s music. There are options to stream from Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube, and purchasing options from iTunes and Amazon. The band logo is included at the top and a silhouette is included at the back to reinforce the brand. This page is quite simplistic to highlight the matter at stake, this is one of the main aspects of call-to-action on the entire website so it needs to be obvious and accessible. Next, if you click on the ‘Videos’ tab, you are taken to the band’s YouTube page, which features all of their singles and the music videos to accompany them.


Andre: The penultimate page is the ‘Sign Up’ page, which allows fans to leave their email addresses, zip code and country. This allows them to receive news and mailings through their email address, further connecting them to the stars. Also featured on this page is another large hero shot, which again stands out to highlight the live performance aspect as a matter of importance. Finally, the ‘Store’ tab, features all of the merchandise and potentially buying opportunities available from the band. Within this tab, are a further five tabs, namely ‘Mania’, ‘T-Shirts’, ‘Outerwear’, ‘Accessories’ and ‘Music’. There is also the option to select which version of the stores you would like to shop in, the U.K. version or the U.S.A. which improves accessibility for a wider range of people. There is still a prominent purple theme, which contributes to the brand value, but also a white background to allow the products to stand out.

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