Website Previous Students Work

Here follows my website analysis of a previous students work:

This website is incredibly accessible, through many means. Accessibility includes aspects such as large, bold text to stand out, potentially if certain people have issue with sight. Another aspect of accessibility is the use of images. In this website, there are a lot of bold images to stand out and break up text, which benefits accessibility because people may easily get bored of block text. Accessibility also encompasses navigation, and there are many easy and obvious ways of navigating through the pages, there is a bar along the top labelled, ‘Latest Video’ (the landing page), ‘About’, ‘Discography’, ‘Tour Dates’, ‘Media’ and ‘Merch’:

These are clear titles for ease of access as they are understandable at first glance, and there aren’t too many to overwhelm the user. The tabs are featured on each page so navigation is simple to return back to previous pages.

There is a bold ‘About’ section, with a semi-brief paragraph highlighting details about the star. The fact they keep it short and sweet means the reader won’t get bored and it is broken up by an image on the right. An interesting font has been chosen to keep interest throughout with the title standing out in bold. In order to have included more detail, they could have used multiple paragraphs to give the reader more detail of the star.

There are various aspects that keep the branding constant throughout the website. The logo is featured on every page, including on all aspects of the merchandise, which reinforces the band’s image and keeps the viewer hooked. Another aspect that is kept as a constant throughout is the background and colour scheme, the blue is representative of the band being quite transparent and clean.

Finally, the website conforms to Blumler and Katz’s uses and gratification theory. The four sections included in this are: Information, Social Interaction, Personal Identity and Entertainment. The user gains information about the star, music and news surrounding them and what they do, the social interaction links to the social media aspect, which allows people to share opinions about the given information. Thirdly, these social factors conform to a person’s personal identity, music is generally quite an important part of people’s lives, especially of our target audience demographic (younger people), so the website appeals to them for this reason because the messages given in the video and alike factors help form their personal identity. Finally, the user is entertained by the music video and alike factors, such as the purchasing of music.


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