Evaluation of Web Design Application

To make our website, we used Wix, which is a professional website-designing website. The particular online-software allowed us to use various features to achieve our goals, it was awfully self-explanatory and we could therefore pick up on all we needed to know and do really easily. It allowed us to create our different pages, navigate between them, and provide solid templates for us to base our ideas off of.

Our website contains many conventional features that Wix allowed us to incorporate, which allowed for a useful and quick and easy to use website. Firstly, we were able to create each of our pages and were given previews of what each landing view would look like, we could then edit it from there so we could create effective landing pages to engage the viewer as they arrived at our site. The navigation strip was positioned at the top of each page, and Wix allowed for this to be a constant to remain there on each page, this was also the same for the social media links in the top right corner of the page.

Included in the “music website” template was the option to sell the music online, which gave options of “Paypal” and “Mastercard” etc, then our tracklist could be imported through means of mp3, and a thirty-second clip was allowed next to the purchase icon, this allows more conventions to be identified as it is an easy way for the fans to engage, by purchasing the music online.

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