So how did it go?

During my time planning and executing my magazine, I have learnt a significant amount of new skills on software such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop, before this experience, I had no experience on either. As well as aquiring new skills that are specifically exclusive to the subject of Media Studies, I have also learnt other IT related skills that are applicable to other subjects, for example how to convert image files.

The production of my music magazine has taught me how I am able to attract my target audience in a variety of ways,  such as mise-en-scene (which is the arrangement of the scenery, props, etc. on the stage of a theatrical production or on the set of a film).and camera angles and how these affect how an image is portrayed, including the importance of how every aspect of a photo works together to convey a certain narrative.

The feedback I have received over varied intervals whilst making my magazine has been very important as it has helped me to develop my magazine for the better as well as further develop my skill set. I have realised that getting feedback is essential in improving different media formats such as, magazines as sometimes you are not able to spot a mistake such as a typo or whether it is all aligned correctly.

Overall, I am relatively pleased with how my final product turned out as I worked hard to develop upon feedback and achieved a much higher quality than intended (shown in my first drafts).


I have selected to use a “Ben & Jerry’s: Chunky Monkey Ice Cream” advert because it is a bright and colourful and will appeal to my target audience and their psychographics. Ice cream is popular amongst the younger generation according to so is in line with the demographics of who will be reading my magazine.

I will, for my music related advert, be using Taylor Swift’s “Reputation: Stadium Tour” poster. This is because she is popular amongst my target audience and ideal demo/psychographic. She is in line with my pop genre and fits nicely into the mood of the magazine.

Teacher feedback and final targets

Targets for my front cover:

  1. Add a price
  2. Change “Brits” to “Brits'”
  3. Next month to This months

Targets for my contents page:

  1. White “contents”?
  2. Add page numbers to the inserts
  3. Grey background – edit transparency and gradient
  4. Sort out capitalization of the headlines

Targets for my double page spread:

  1. See if a red line would be more appropriate rather than a black one
  2. Add another quotation
  3.  “Photography by…”
  4. Include captions on insets
  5. Add a quote on the large photo

Draft 4 Feedback and targets

  1. Main cover star image is too stretched (needs fixing)
  2. Line spacing of “Mamma Mia” is different, needs to be changed
  3. Needs changing from “This Month” to “Next Month”
  4. A price needs to be added
  5. Separate cover lines out
  6. Change position of the “Brits’ caption
  7. “Exclusive interview” needs to be more connected with”Lilli Rose”


  1. Multiple images of the same artist is not conventional
  2. The ‘contents’ needs to be better organised
  3. Background needs changing


  1. Take down opacity of background
  2. Flower image above main photo is not necessary
  3. Possibly room for another quote
  4. Add in tbe photographer
  5. Align the bottom insert with the text