I have selected to use a “Ben & Jerry’s: Chunky Monkey Ice Cream” advert because it is a bright and colourful and will appeal to my target audience and their psychographics. Ice cream is popular amongst the younger generation according to so is in line with the demographics of who will be reading my magazine.

I will, for my music related advert, be using Taylor Swift’s “Reputation: Stadium Tour” poster. This is because she is popular amongst my target audience and ideal demo/psychographic. She is in line with my pop genre and fits nicely into the mood of the magazine.

Teacher feedback and final targets

Targets for my front cover:

  1. Add a price
  2. Change “Brits” to “Brits'”
  3. Next month to This months

Targets for my contents page:

  1. White “contents”?
  2. Add page numbers to the inserts
  3. Grey background – edit transparency and gradient
  4. Sort out capitalization of the headlines

Targets for my double page spread:

  1. See if a red line would be more appropriate rather than a black one
  2. Add another quotation
  3.  “Photography by…”
  4. Include captions on insets
  5. Add a quote on the large photo

Draft 4 Feedback and targets

  1. Main cover star image is too stretched (needs fixing)
  2. Line spacing of “Mamma Mia” is different, needs to be changed
  3. Needs changing from “This Month” to “Next Month”
  4. A price needs to be added
  5. Separate cover lines out
  6. Change position of the “Brits’ caption
  7. “Exclusive interview” needs to be more connected with”Lilli Rose”


  1. Multiple images of the same artist is not conventional
  2. The ‘contents’ needs to be better organised
  3. Background needs changing


  1. Take down opacity of background
  2. Flower image above main photo is not necessary
  3. Possibly room for another quote
  4. Add in tbe photographer
  5. Align the bottom insert with the text

Feedback on Article

Above is a peer, reading my article.

Lilli Rose: country girl turned superstar… an overnight transformation


Lilli Rose, a stage name sprouted from her first love, the environment. The 22-year old global megastar who is now selling out arenas and smashing chart records worldwide was a local Carlingford girl, was sucked into a world of glamour and pop by her city born extended family when she visited them on her first ever holiday. She soon fell in love with the bright lights and left her unique setting behind. Carlingford is a coastal town and civil parish in northern County Louth of  Ireland and due to this local influence, Rose has given an Irish twist to her new album, Flóra Nimhithe (Irish for “Poisoned Flower”).


Lilli had mastered the art of music and entertainment by the young age of 5. Her current sound has been described as a fusion of Avril Lavigne and P!nk seeded with aspects of Nicki Minaj. This leaves her in a perfect position to be recently announced as Britain’s newest ‘pop princess’. Since leaving her quiet, picture-postcard home, she has supported the likes of Marilyn Manson, Panic! At the Disco, and is set to tour with Girls Aloud on their new comeback tour (see page 14). When Lilli sat down with us during her busy day of album signings and recording, we asked the rising megastar how it felt to have been recently promoted to the likes of Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry, she responded, “it is a true honour to be placed on this level, I never thought I’d truly reach this level, however all that really matters is pleasing my ever-loyal fans”. Britney Spears’ reputation of ‘pop princess’ has been utterly tarnished due to a recent drug scandal, Lilli also spoke on this matter, “it is such a shame to see talent to go to waste, however I’d expect a comeback from the powerful 90’s chick in no time”.


Back in 2008, a feud was brewing between the presenter of her own chat show, Charlotte Church and leading British girl group Girls Aloud. Church, joined by Jason Donovan on her Channel 4 chat show, began to discuss the topic of castrated dogs, when she suddenly made the remark, “If I wanted five dogs without balls, I’d just have bought Girls Aloud”, later on “Davina”, they were asked whether to respond, in which they proudly stated they were “too mature to sink to her level”. Rose became involved almost instantly, due to her personal connection with their Irish member Nadine Coyle, she took a more direct route to responding to the issue. “I was fuming. Global humiliation, I needed to hit back hard.” A twitter war ensued until Church apologised for her actions as Rose had won the battle, “I am loyal to my family and my friends, in addition to my fans they are the most important things to me.” Due to her loyalty and strong friendship with the girls, Lilli Rose will tour with Girls Aloud on their comeback event, “Twenty”, marking twenty years since their victory on “Popstars: The Rivals” in 2002.


Flóra Nimhithe”, will be released next year and will be followed up by a european tour (needless to say Girls Aloud could be involved). When asked how she felt about the theme and context of her new album being centered around her childhood and the place she grew up in, Lilli responded, “Carlingford is a really special place to me, I want to give back to the wonderful community I grew up in, it truly is a remarkable place.” There has been speculation whether a genre change is in place from Pop-Punk to Gaelic, Lilli stated that no such thing would happen, “I will never veer far from my pop-punk basis, yet some celtic fusion may be in order to take me back to my roots, after all, it was this beauteous setting which inspired me to inspire others”. Lilli’s tour is set to take place in many locations across Europe, North America, and even further afield into Asia and Oceania. Lilli began to discuss what she was most looking forward to, this was clear, “My tour. I love meeting the fans and seeing their reactions to both my older and newer hits. I have many new things lined up to try out so this tour will be slightly more experimental, ‘Rosebuds’… watch out.”


Transitioning from a young Irish girl helping her father sell vegetables from the roadside, to being a global superstar engaging in twitter wars and selling out arenas is not the clearest pathway for everyone, but for Lilli, it was the path which shined the brightest; almost as bright as the spotlight surrounding her image as a star and musician.

I then received various targets in relation to my written article from a peer:

  1. There were various punctuation and grammar mistakes which needed correction.
  2. Some sentences were far too long and needed to be shortened, punctuated or just separated with full stops.
  3. More scene setting was required at the beginning of the article.

I corrected these mistakes to be placed into my final copy.


Language Analysis

Structure of the article…

The article begins with the journalist discussing the meaning of the album name and a bit of background context and history of the artist and previous albums. Following this, the writer goes on to break down and analyse the album itself and the tracks that are featured on it. They explain the meaning the artist is trying to convey through her music and lyrics and their meaning.

Are we aware of the presence of the journalist…

The reader of the article is aware that the journalist is present because they are conveying their opinions of the album that they are reviewing, and is breaking down the lyrics of the songs and their meaning, but this is the journalists interpretation of the meanings, making us aware of the presence. Knowing that the journalist is present is more interesting as it shows are more subjective side to the story as it is opinionated, and with the writer speaking directly to the reader makes the article far more entertaining.

What is your sense of the location / event / person that the journalist is writing about and how is this achieved…

The type of words that the journalist uses are adjectives that describe the songs lyrics, this creates an impression that it is his subjective opinion of the music and artist. Similes and metaphors are used to help describe the meaning of the song. As an example, in the article, the journalist says, “it feels like her first dishonest step” to describe the lyric. The journalist is speaking directly towards the audience giving all the information they have gathered to the audience. The quotes that are used are to reference song lyrics in the album. What the reader will experience from this article is that they will be amazed by the amount of hidden secrets that are in the lyrics and it would make that audience want to buy the album and listen to the hidden messages, it would also make the audience have social interactions because they would want to talk about the things they just discovered. The journalist uses very western language, for example ‘rodeo’, which is a contest in which cowboys show their skill at riding broncos. the journalist also speaks in the first person because they are saying their own opinion of the album.

In conclusion the journalist represents this album as a typical country album that has interesting things about the artist that are hidden in the music and promotes the album so more people can listen to it and agree or disagree with their opinion of the album.



Feedback & Reflection on Draft 3

After completing my first draft of my double page spread, I received some feedback on how to improve the next edit:

1: The photo of the main star needs to be larger so it stands out more

2: The text needs to be wrapped two columns around the images for each bulk of passage

3: Currently, the main photo and some text will be impeded by staples so the layout needs to be rearranged

4: A headline and stand-first needs to be added at the top of the page(s)

5: A byline needs to be added at the bottom so claim who wrote the article

6: A photographers name needs to be added

7: Page numbers need to be added

8: The background makes the text hard to read and is too fussy – this is essential to be changed