Evaluation of Web Design Application

To make our website, we used Wix, which is a professional website-designing website. The particular online-software allowed us to use various features to achieve our goals, it was awfully self-explanatory and we could therefore pick up on all we needed to know and do really easily. It allowed us to create our different pages, navigate between them, and provide solid templates for us to base our ideas off of.

Our website contains many conventional features that Wix allowed us to incorporate, which allowed for a useful and quick and easy to use website. Firstly, we were able to create each of our pages and were given previews of what each landing view would look like, we could then edit it from there so we could create effective landing pages to engage the viewer as they arrived at our site. The navigation strip was positioned at the top of each page, and Wix allowed for this to be a constant to remain there on each page, this was also the same for the social media links in the top right corner of the page.

Included in the “music website” template was the option to sell the music online, which gave options of “Paypal” and “Mastercard” etc, then our tracklist could be imported through means of mp3, and a thirty-second clip was allowed next to the purchase icon, this allows more conventions to be identified as it is an easy way for the fans to engage, by purchasing the music online.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

Here follows an evaluation of the production skills learned or developed by partaking in this project:

Displaying Font.png

The image above is the logo used for our star (used in the digipack and website), and is a key conventional element for an album front cover. This was created and developed in Adobe illustrator, which both my partner and I had never had experience in before, so we used various YouTube tutorials to learn how to develop a rugged-looking, serif-filled logo. This was a useful skill to learn because it can be transferred to all aspects of media, be it a magazine, website, newspaper etc. An alternative to have had it computer-made was to hand-draw it, however our computer skills seem more advanced than our physical artistic ability, so it made sense to learn this new skill.

This image, show above, was created with both indesign and photoshop. Once developed in photoshop with techniques already learned, such as colour correction, the image was then imported into Adobe Indesign to mix with the background. Indesign is a useful piece of software because it allows you to position your various aspects in various ways to create absolute effectiveness.

Various images, such as the one above, were created in photoshop to form some sort of ‘concept’. This concept was based around our genre and ventures into a pop-art style. Photoshop is also a really comprehensive software that is helpful in creating images and concepts such as this one, without it the task would be almost impossible, so learning how to use it is very important.


Our Mission Statement

Who is our Target Audience?

Our target audience is a mixture of both genders but slightly veering towards being female heavy

Who are the competition?

Other Singers/Bands in the Pop/Rock/Punk genre that target similar target audience and demographic

Your Unique selling point?

Our star is just starting out in the music industry by releasing their first album and are different to the current styling of punk bands, they have elements of pop and rock mixed in, which set them aside from other bands such as Fall Out Boy, who conform to the conventions of the genre

A Call to Action

The audience will be expected to engage through means of streaming services and purchase the songs/albums through iTunes, Spotify, and other related music platform, but also through means of purchasing tickets to live concerts etc

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to fuse the world of pop, punk, and rock together, creating the ultimate combination of elements, linking us and our fans in an insanely ‘dancey-headbanging’ connection. In order to do this, we stay one-hundred-percent dedicated and loyal to our fans to take them on the greatest musical journey possible.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

The member of the Specsavers team returned to give us some more targets and advice on our videos and showed us some new effects and ideas we could use. So I have therefore learned some new production skills:

Firstly, the use of the “echo” effect, on an adjustment layer gives a rather ghostly effect which is useful when creating a dark and eerie atmosphere which we need as it is part of the main theme of anxiety. It also challenges the conventions of a typical pop-rock/punk video because this is more of a ‘metal’ technique, therefore it is evidencing us pushing the boundaries of our genre.

Secondly, the use of a mask was used to allow us to have two opposing shots playing at once, therefore adding to the mirror effect, developing our narrative further to show the audience they are the same person.

Thirdly, we used a colour correction technique, “Lumetri Color”. This makes the video look more vibrant and professional, it is also a contrast to the narrative, being negative and gloomy, this therefore gives the video an unsettling vibe

Finally, Lenny, from Specsavers taught us to be more organised with our files, so they were easier to find. We did this with the use of named folders:

Product Skills Evaluation 1

So far, I have learned several designing and production techniques whilst editing our music video:

This is a screenshot of a transition being used between two shots. This makes the changeover between shots smoother and more in-keeping with the music if it does not fit the beat. This was a useful skill to learn as it is frequently used in editing and production. Transitions can also affect the intensity of the video and narrative, for example slow moving transitions can offer a sense of suspense.

This is a screenshot of the regular use of Premier Pro, the common cutting and editing clips. The ability to do this quickly and effectively means less time can be spent on simple editing, and more time making the video seem more professional with effects and playing around with new ideas. Fast-paced cuts and edits can create an intense atmosphere to develop narrative themes of anxiousness, this is conventional to our genre as many videos feature the same ideas,

Here follows a screenshot of the attempt to add after effects onto our footage. This adds an extra layer of complexity to our video and makes it look more professional. Effects can include a fog-overlay or a greyscale, which we are using to make our video more gloomy, to fit the genre more appropriately, as now it is simply sunny. By doing this, it creates distinct differences between narrative and performance shots for more variety.