Digipack Draft 1

Here follows our first draft for our digi pack:

Targets for improvement:

Potentially remove the railing from the images (pages 2 and 3)

Potentially add red squares to the images (pages 2 and 3) to reflect style from front page

Copyright information should be more discrete – it stands out too much at the moment

Spines are missing altogether


Reflection on feedback:

The copyright information can be minimised to make it more discrete, this will be done by making it smaller and ensuring it is at the very bottom of the page. Spines will be added to feature information labelled on the front cover – including the band name and album title. The only concern I have about the targets for improvement is potentially changing the colours on some of the squares on the wall (pages 2 and 3). The images I took were from the 9/11 war memorial in New York, USA, and each blue square is said to represent each life lost in the terrorist disaster. The colour blue is meant to stand for the unity the country showed that day in the face of terror, and each square is a slightly different shade of blue, representing all the different personalities lost that day. I feel that changing the colours would damage the notion the image is trying to convey, and potentially take away the respect shown for those lost. It is acceptable to use these images however because the context of various songs feature the idea of America standing together in unity.

Evaluation of shoot or graphic design

The following shows an example of a contact sheet from our photoshoot. This took place in a white studio, to give maximum results, we used a high-quality DSLR camera. Occasionally, to create variety in our images, we adjusted the studio lights to create elements of both highlights and shadows. Our genre was described previously, in a survey, to be quite grungy, so the impact of the use of shadows reflects our genre and star quite well.

In order to have improved our shoot, we could have taken a wider variety of shots, as opposed to the same angles (mid-shot and close-up) and poses being used repeatedly. We could have also incorporated a location shoot into it, this way we would of had a wider variety of angles, but also backgrounds that could have been used in the digipack. Some of the photos were also quite blurry and/or dark at the beginning of the shoot, so these images had to be discarded, we could have made sure the camera was set up correctly before the photoshoot began, to maximise productivity during the shoot.

Contact Sheet and Graphic Illustrations

Here follows just a few of our contact sheets and graphic illustrations. The images on the contact sheets will be considered for our digi-pak, and several will be used on our website in future. The graphic illustrations will be used as inspiration for our digi-pak background, including colour schemes and patterns.

These contact sheets were created from the photoshoot that took place on the 12th October, all of these were considered for all four sections of the digipak and the others could potentially be used for the website.

The following were used as inspiration for potential digipak and website backgrounds, however the genre may not be as easily conveyed this way as they seem more towards the electropop genre, as opposed to punk.

Feedback on mock-up and targets

We did a short survey on what genre each person thought our digipack was and what themes or ideas came to mind when looking at it, based on our first mock-up. Here follows the results:

As shown from the survey, the majority of people believed our digipak was of the rock genre followed closely behind by punk and pop. The genre we were assuming people would think was punk and or pop, as this reflects the genre of our music video song “Why Worry”. The highest level response of feeling was one of ‘grunge’ followed by ‘rebellious’. This was a positive response as being rebellious reflects our punk genre perfectly, however the analysis of the work ‘grunge’, is slightly too extreme to fit in with the conventions of pop, so I think our digipack is venturing too far into rock/metal.

In order to improve our digipack to suit our genre better, I think we need to correct some of the images used. The fish parts and related give connotations of death and extremity, which do not reflect our genre very well. Other examples of punk/pop-punk digipacks often include an element of pop art, so we could easily incorporate this. Another aspect we could change could be the font to give more of a pop-punk impression, maybe with the use of serifs to created more of an attitude around the words.

Digipak Moodboard

Here follows a moodboard filled with ideas of colour, objects and a feel for the genre to use as inspiration for our digipak:

The colour scheme is continuously dark – be it blue, purple, or black itself. The tone matches the genre of being of quite dark themes, such as depression, death and radioactivity.



Digipak – Previous Students Work

Framing a Shot – Upper Level 3

They have successfully framed their shots for visual interest and all elements have been well composed. On the front cover, four band members have been photographed together, all positioned differently to each other, making an interesting set of proxemics. The man lying down has his leg poised off the side of the image signifying an ‘indie-rock’ type of genre. However, the rule of thirds has not been correctly applied as there is a large gap in the middle third, however the remainder of the space has been filled. The image on the left hand side could have been framed better because it seems like all the objects have been crammed on there for no reason.

Variety of Shot Distances – Upper Level 2

There are only a limited amount of shot distances, two close-ups have been used, both of the shoes and the table of objects, as a contrast, a mid-shot of the band was used for the front cover. A variety of shot distances is good to be used in a digipack because it allows contrast to be made on different pages, so the audience can connect with the stars. For this to be improved, they would have to include several more different types of shot distance e.g. a long shot.

Appropriate to task – Lower Level 4

The majority of this digipack conforms to regular digipack conventions, such as a continuous colour scheme and consistent typeface. It successfully reflects the genre and moods intended with features such as having a darker and monochrome colour scheme to reflect the slightly darker moods enforced by song titles such as “Where the End Begins” and “Black Photographs”. It is also quite conventional to have an aspect of simplicity, e.g. the table image.

Mise-en-scene Selection – Lower level 4

All aspects of mise-en-scene link in really well to reflect the overall brand image. The clothing on the front cover clearly match the shoes shown in the other image. All of the props used aswell, e.g. the torch, all fit in with the theme of darkness. There could be slightly more variety in the mise-en-scene however the simplicity is very effective and links with the empty space on some of the pages.

Manipulating Photos – Upper Level 3

There is a high quality level of photo manipulation here, the monochrome colours all link and work well together to fuse a slightly depressing atmosphere, however there is still much simplicity, and whilst this has been effective, the ideas slowly begin to get boring towards the end. The photoshop in the image with the shoes is quite effective and shows some advanced skill in order to create a segregated effect.

Language and Register – Upper Level 3

There is not much text to be analysed in this piece of work, however the adjectives to describe their “hit singles” were successful attempts to engage the reader. The simplicity and lack of words also add to the simplistic illusion created by the empty spaces and dark colours.

Integration – Upper Level 4

The content displayed is completely consistent and integrated with no inconsistency. Anything from the colour scheme and mise-en-scene to photo manipulation all links in in some way across the various pages. The bands logo is also consistent throughout which links to their overall brand.

Layout and Page Design – Lower Level 4

The page layout and design is similar and connects throughout. There is always some form of empty space throughout, for the front page (in the centre), the prop page (the top), the shoe page (the centre) and the back page (the left). This layout reflects the genre quite well as having points of feeling empty. The feeling of having light amongst the darkness is quite clearly marked by having a black background filled with the light of the bulb.

Fonts and Text Sizes – Lower Level 4

The fonts have carefully been designed and/or selected to reflect the genre well and link together well across all pages. A font was created to reflect the bands own identity, featuring a triangle instead of one of the letters. This builds towards an overall brand image and contributes to its genre by creating some unconventional feature that is unique to itself. However, this has been missed out on the poster. All text sizes are similar to each other and show consistency.

Using ICT appropriately – Lower Level 4

ICT has been used effectively and appropriately in this digipack. Photoshop and Indesign have both been used in order to create the final product. DSLR cameras have also been used correctly in order to obtain high-quality images.

Our Mission Statement

Who is our Target Audience?

Our target audience is a mixture of both genders but slightly veering towards being female heavy

Who are the competition?

Other Singers/Bands in the Pop/Rock/Punk genre that target similar target audience and demographic

Your Unique selling point?

Our star is just starting out in the music industry by releasing their first album and are different to the current styling of punk bands, they have elements of pop and rock mixed in, which set them aside from other bands such as Fall Out Boy, who conform to the conventions of the genre

A Call to Action

The audience will be expected to engage through means of streaming services and purchase the songs/albums through iTunes, Spotify, and other related music platform, but also through means of purchasing tickets to live concerts etc

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to fuse the world of pop, punk, and rock together, creating the ultimate combination of elements, linking us and our fans in an insanely ‘dancey-headbanging’ connection. In order to do this, we stay one-hundred-percent dedicated and loyal to our fans to take them on the greatest musical journey possible.