Contact Sheet and Graphic Illustrations

Here follows just a few of our contact sheets and graphic illustrations. The images on the contact sheets will be considered for our digi-pak, and several will be used on our website in future. The graphic illustrations will be used as inspiration for our digi-pak background, including colour schemes and patterns.

Digipak Moodboard

Here follows a moodboard filled with ideas of colour, objects and a feel for the genre to use as inspiration for our digipak:

The colour scheme is continuously dark – be it blue, purple, or black itself. The tone matches the genre of being of quite dark themes, such as depression, death and radioactivity.



Digipak – Previous Students Work

Framing a Shot – Upper Level 3

They have successfully framed their shots for visual interest and all elements have been well composed. On the front cover, four band members have been photographed together, all positioned differently to each other, making an interesting set of proxemics. The man lying down has his leg poised off the side of the image signifying an ‘indie-rock’ type of genre. However, the rule of thirds has not been correctly applied as there is a large gap in the middle third, however the remainder of the space has been filled. The image on the left hand side could have been framed better because it seems like all the objects have been crammed on there for no reason.

Variety of Shot Distances –