Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Here is our flow chart template for our website:

This task was completed so we knew in advance how to structure our website in terms of navigation and especially things located below the fold. The reason why we chose this template is because it is relatively easy to navigate as the titles are clear so the audience can easily be satisfied.

Above is the template we used for our website, this one was selected because it is the closest representative of our genre and is also fit for purpose as a music-selling website template. The layout was also appropriate due to the correct amount of recommended pages and the ability to position albums and songs accordingly.

Website Terminology

Here are the various terms used to describe parts of a website:

  • 1) Leaderboard – this is the title of the web page which is always positioned at the top of the web page
  • 2) Hero shot – The hero shot is the frontal image of the subject of the website – be it a person or an item
  • 3) Tagline – this is where adverts are placed on the web page
  • 4) Navigation – this allows you to move around different pages on the web page
  • 5) Skyscraper –buttons on the side of the web page that are usually in a rectangle box, the buttons maybe linked to different various parts of the web page
  • 6) Main Text – the main body text that discusses the topic that web page is based on
  • 7) Above the fold – the top of the page – what appears when you first arrive at the site
  • 8) Below the fold – below what you can see when you first arrive on the page