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My response to CCR4 question “How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?”




Our response to CCR3 question “How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?”


My response to CCR1 questions”How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?”

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Our Mission Statement


Our audience consist generally of the younger era and quirky teens, however Dr Dibz wants his music to be an open invitation for a new style of music that anyone can listen to and interpret in their own way; everyone is different, so they shouldn’t hear the same things when they listen to a track. This age genre tend to consume in large amounts of social media activity, largely influenced by web celebs, Instagram stars, Youtubers, the list goes on. Although mentally trained into believing that this is the norm, to promote our artist we will have significant posts that stand out from the others online to portray our main metanarrative of going against the rat race, perhaps only one announcement a month so people have something to look out for and forward to.

Main ways our audience will invest in our star will be through merchandise, donations to suggested charities (perhaps less popular ones to display qualities of our star), and ticket sales. Dr Dibz doesn’t do promotive advertisements as this completely contradicts his star image of going against the crowd.

Our competition our mainly bands like Gorillaz, De la Soul and Flatbush Zombies. From the artists names alone you can see what type of initial message is trying to be conveyed and what sort of conventions the groups carry as a whole such as unique star images, eccentric and idiosyncratic personalities and invasive attitudes towards the audience e.g. photos of band members often include open body language or open mouth. Websites for these bands are neon with quirky typefaces, music playing in the back and teasers from new videos / upcoming music – the aim is constantly catching the audience off-guard and wowing them with completely unanticipated work; being a fan should be fun.

Dr Dibz is attempting to establish a new face of an old genre, emphasising the extraordinary things in life and making the audience think if what we know is real and true, are our whole lives a lie and corrupt? Who is really in charge? This music should make fans question things they would never normally question, giving Dr Dibz a unique superpower – making people think.

Mission Statement –

Dr Dibz represents a new era of cutting edge alternative hip hop happiness! Stylo aims to please everyone whose willing; race, age, sexuality regardless; his music will set your spirit free, re-sketch the face of hip hop alone and bridge the gap between our artist and the audience, engaging each member in a personal relationship with Dr Dibz. 

Web Page Conventions

The aims for this task are to analyze and break down the conventions of a professional website. In the hope of learning and including conventional and unconventional features to our website. The website I will be analyzing is Fredo, an English rapper from London.

  • Navigation of the website

The website is easy to navigate through, using only the scroll wheel I can navigate up and down multiple levels, showing features. The first feature seen is the artists newest album, which can be pre-ordered through a button below the image.

  • The links to social media

No visible links to the artist’s social media are present when navigating through the website, however, a social link to the artists Spotify and Apple Music is located beside the tour dates, which resembles some social marketing advertisement and promotion.

  • The content in the website
  • The call to action and how that is evident in the site

Very little content is put up on the website apart from one of their music videos near the bottom of the homepage. The website also includes a shop including merchandise from the artist, this includes items such as signed CD covers, an effective way of distributing and advertising the artist’s popularity through the public. However, a call to action is evident in the website through a sign-up up feature, this also doubles as content for the artist to keep the audience informed and the audience engaged with the products and future gigs, tours and new upcoming merchandise for the shop.

  • The design of the website in relation to their other media (video and digipack) 
  • Is the design consistent across the pages?
  • How does the design of the site reflect the brand image?

The design of the website reflects their genre very well, a rap/hip-hop artist. Using conventional dark, bold colours. The typical representation of rappers is being thugs and in relation to gangs, money, and crime. These dark colours alongside the deep red touches suggesting blood and violence can also be seen in their music videos and album (digipack) covers, this continuity throughout the products brings them together, highlighting the conventions of the genre.


Evaluation of shoot or graphic design

Overall the aim for our shoot went well, we used a variety of costumes on hand, as well as a lot of angles, distances to convey our stars image. We wanted to convey our star as intriguing by using the eccentric clothing and props. However, we also didn’t want to convey him as misleading or uninviting, so we sued close-ups to show his expression.

Website Previous Students Work

  1. How accessible is the website? / How easy is it to navigate?

The site is easily accessible and easy to navigate through with a clear header. However, the header is slightly small, and the font used is really hard to see with the chosen background. On the other hand, the animation and motion when moving through each slide is very smooth and satisfying for the user to navigate through.

  1. What information were you able to find out about the star?

Whilst using the website I wasn’t getting 1 genre or a consistent image in my head. However, the website included an ‘About’ page consisting of a short paragraph about the brand mission statement. When I read the paragraph I learnt that the branding image is all about a young group of city-dwelling people talk about their life after high school and beyond creating The XX.

  1. How did the branding of the website communicate a consistent brand image as portrayed in the music video and digipack?

The branding of the website is communicated consistently through the products through the use of colour, a low toned red and blue have been used as the background for their products portraying the star as young and free, following the colour scheme into their music video and keeping them linked together with a relation to colour, visible and easily understood by the audience. The use of costume and props have also been portrayed throughout the products with casual clothing.

  1. How far does the Website fulfil the audiences’ uses and gratifications (Blumler and Katz):

The website includes Blumbler and Katz theories that suggest a media is actively chosen by the audience through.

  • Information and Education: This is visible in the website through an about tab with background on the band, individually and as a whole how they grew to become popular and successful.
  • Entertainment: The website must be entertaining, this is done through their latest video feature on the front page for the audience to watch.
  • Personal Identity: The about page tells us about how they created the band during “high school” suggesting they went to school just like we all did, also how social media links portray their daily life as being “normal”.
  • Social interaction: A social interaction can be developed through the merchandise sold through the website and new clothing can spark interest between the public as a means of interaction.

Flowchart and Preferred Template

This task allowed me to create a flowchart to show the template I will be following when designing my website, this template will show me how the user will be able to navigate through the website and they will return to the homepage. This is important in creating a webpage where the user won’t be confused nor lost, ensuring it is user-friendly and enjoyable to use.

The reason why we used WIX was that it was very user-friendly. It was also very easy to create and open our web-page, I could share the webpage with multiple users such as my partner Grace. Wix also had a specific template for music related websites, this was very helpful in getting ideas and picking great ideas from other templates, and integrating them into ours. Wix also had a simple creation technique, a  drag and drop method meant we picked up on using and navigating through the tools quickly.

Click the expand button to view in fullscreen (next to the cog icon)

The image below shows the template we used for our website, the reason behind using this template was it had a clean, and clear layout for moving from page to page. Another key aspect was the colour scheme, the dark and simple background contrasts our dictator’s greed and hunger, although the bright and exciting colours represent our star as different and rebellious compared to the dictator.

Website Terminology

This is my response to Website Terminology, this task helped me understand the conventional factors that are taken into consideration for my webpage to be successful, through this task I have learnt what conventional and unconventional things I can put in my website, like a blueprint these things are what the audience expect to see and also the unconventional things the audience are surprised to see making it unique and enticing them back.

Evaluation of Web Design application

Whilst researching other websites and seeing amazing effects and designs, I thought why not integrate similar designs and effects into ours? So I had a play and with trial and error, some fiddling around I developed key interactive designs to entertain the audience when navigation through our website. For instance using a fad/slide from right to left for the features, header and sidebar. These micro features come to together to inflict a satisfying experience for the audience when using the website, part of Bumbler and Katz’s theory was that media must be entertaining for the audience, using this tool.

This tool allowed me to focus on a certain feature by changing what type of fade in or out I wanted, the duration and speed.


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