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Production Skills Evaluation 2

During the making of our music video, we were told about post-production and the graphical side to editing videos. I’ve always loved graphics and watching these amazing effects on TV and in movies, huge explosions, and CGI. So I researched about scribble animations, these were popular animations in music videos and artists such as Jack U are renown for them in their videos.

The reason why I used this effect was to highlight his greed, the scribble animation of the dollar signs represents money and was a key narrative code that conveyed his greed.  I drew the dollar signs over the top of his eyes to represents him as money mad, and all he sees in the world is money.

Music video draft 4

This is our Music Video Draft 4, the main problem we faced was the sequencing of the video. The feedback that we were given was always the same thing, they didn’t understand the narrative. So we set out to sequence the video properly with a set story that made the video look more professional and make sense. We began by introducing each character, the mad dictator type guy, then the Gorillaz (the group who see what the dictator is trying to do)

This is our feedback on Draft 4 from Owen & Georgi, it includes feedback on our narrative and performance. the main problem with our video was the unclear connection between the dictator and our star who.

Targets for improvement:

  • Star image’s Lip syncing isn’t very clear (doesn’t look realistic)
  • Some of the 360 dollies around star were shaky and wobbly and in some cases glitchy.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Over the past couple of weeks, I have started to get the hang of using Adobe Premiere Pro, and it has grown on me to experiment with new things like effects. I realized that some of our footage is wobbly due to the camera

Feedback from teacher

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Here are some photos from our first narrative shoot that we filmed. The photos above show a room we decided to film in, Grace knew someone who had a building site where a house was about to be knocked down or renovated, there were a few rules we had to follow before filming such as:

  • Don’t go to places filled with rubble
  • Messing with equipment or sharp objects
  • Going up unstable staircases or collapsed doorways

Due to the fact the building was being knocked down or renovated, we where allowed to edit the rooms as we wished which gave us more freedom to experiment around with improving our genre conventions through image so we decided to spray paint some walls with the title of our song “Feel Good” which went very well as the spray paint gave Ed a powerful look and violent feature as he was playing the role of a strict  and power hungry dictator.

So, in the end, we were pleased with what we had achieved, however going back into school and looking into the footage we did have thoughts on what we could have done better if we were to do this again.

  • Preparing our equipment and costume beforehand
  • To maximise our time and prioritise our footage before others
  • Create a more detailed shot list to follow (improving our time management)

Overall, we got some great shots but needed that connection with audience so we filmed loads of close up to create a shot-reverse-shot. We focused on getting shots which conveyed our star as important and powerful throughout the shots.

What we didn’t get is some clips of Ed laughing with different angles, we filmed only a front mid-shot of him laughing which was great but didn’t give us a chance to switch between angles and meant we couldn’t edit it.

Narrative Development


Audience Ideologies

We created a dating profile for our audience to give us an idea of what demographics where suitable for our music video. This helped us create a music video that would be relevant for the audience and entertain them. We used a site called yougov to give us information such as there favourite movies, shows and music artists. We used this to create content which would suit the audience but also helps us create content which is different. We also used the Hall and Blumler and Katz (uses and gratification theory) that consumers actively seek out media to satisfy their individual needs, including 3 main questions that help us understand what factors will affect how our audience see’s our music video.


Music Video Draft 2 Inc. Narrative

This is our music video draft 2 which also includes our narrative, we still are yet to further improve it with a 3rd draft. However, the overall build up to our final is coming along nicely. We will need to sequence the shots we have got so the narrative build up makes sense and so that the shots are in an order that are sensible and create a story.


    • Good framing
    • Low angles give sense of dominance.
    • over the shoulder shots are mysterious

To do list:

  • Sequence
  • Replace any bad footage
  • Stabilize any wobbly shots or replace them
  • Shots of Ed demolishing cake/

With these additions to our next draft I think our video will be even more conventional for our genre, and apply a theme to our story. Once we have shot Ed eating the cake furiously we can add it to the end of the video to convey his anger.


Shoot Reflection (Performance)

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