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Making a Montage

My task was take create a montage of a typical day at school, using (minimum) of 16 shots.

x 3 bullet points of strengths :

    • Clip Of Shots
    • Effects
    • Transitions

x 3 bullet points of weaknesses:

    • Shot angles
    • I tried to add music but was given an error did not allowed me, however in the future would like to add music in the background.
    • Location was not aesthetically pleasing (too much background activity)

Summarise what you have learnt about editing in preparation for your music video production.

  • I have learnt that I will need to take more angle shots for one scene, so I can edit them for continuity. I have learnt to use transition to smoothen out changes in location. furthermore, I have learnt to use adobe premiere pro I had never used it but had heard a lot about it.


I used this as a template for my typical day at school, however I did not follow it completely as it didn’t flow properly as I imagined it in my head. So I used it as a base and added my own ideas.

Prelim Continuity Task

  • I have used the following camera techniques such as Close up, extreme close up, reaction shot and a shot-reverse-shot.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense of space and emotion, between the two characters expression, and to also show the reaction and relationship of both characters during the narrative.
  • I have learned to use the following continuity editing rules, the 180 degree rule, match on action and shot reverse shot. I used these rules so that my video wouldn’t confuse the audience on the positioning and shot and keep a fluid continuity in my shots.
  • I have learned to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro, razor tool, selection tool and the rate stretch tool. I used these tools to edit and  change the shot  angles of my video, using the zoom tool at the bottom meant I could edit down to every frame, this gave me a fluid transition between shots.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently, first of all, I would like to take a 2 shot of both characters to set the scene and show the audience the space so that further on when the shots positions are moved they know exactly where the angle is and won’t confuse them.


Question 4: So … How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

Question 3 : So … How did your production skills develop throughout this project ?

My response to Question CCR3.

Question 2: So … How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text ?

Question 1: So … how does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues ?

So how did it go ?

Creating and finishing my magazine has definitely been more than fun, I have learned so much on my journey and overcome difficulties I can now bypass easily. I have picked up new creative skills and technical skills on programmes like Photoshop which I had a small and InDesign which I had no clue how to use. The process of creating parts of my magazine bit by bit made me think about each section and how relevant it was to the rest of the magazine, I enjoyed putting everything together and receiving feedback from peers and teachers to improve and develop my magazine and article considerably more.

My magazine so far is looking much better than I imagined at the beginning. I thought it was going to be incredibly difficult to create the professional aesthetic look on it but after loads of time and effort with the help of my teacher, research, and resources I picked apart little things that made a considerable difference of the look of my magazine. For example, changing the Hue/Saturation on my images gave it a better colour match with the rest of my magazine.

My magazine Lock’d is beginning to look like a proper magazine, my final penultimate criticism and feedback is yet to be finished and added to my final design. But apart from that, I am very pleased with the outcome and skills I have developed and learnt throughout the process of making and editing my magazine, and hopefully will benefit me in later life.





Teacher feedback and final targets

My final Penultimate draft feedback

Front Page:
– Add Issue
– Drop shadow on “TripleJM” & Pug
– Remove PUG Image and add a different image

– Grammar “Tonight’s”
– Add “Lock’D” Logo

Double Page Spread:
– Remove “Page” leave just numbers
– Add Drop Shadow on JM
– Add “Lock’d” Logo
– Grammar “you/met” “He’s”
– Change Taunting -> Abusive / “Triple JM reveals all about”

Penultimate Drafts



The above adverts I have chosen are “HUF” Clothing and Skating, and an advert from Kanye West a famous artist who is very big in the genre of hip-hop and rap. When researching on YouGov I found out that the average viewer was a male, who is keen on the sports skating so I decided to go with a relevant advert. The colours used are very simple like my advert.

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